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Selecting Somfy Motorized Drapery Track

Somfy Glydea Motorized Track is an excellent option for those who wish to have a motorized drapery rod. Somfy Glydea Track is custom made to your exact specifications, and is available in lengths up to 432" and drapery weights up to 132 pounds. Somfy Glydea Motorized Track is shipped to you fully assembled and pre-programmed. The Glydea Motor comes with a 10-foot cord which plugs directly into a standard 110v AC outlet, eliminating the need for hard-wiring. Somfy Glydea Motorized Drapery Track can be wall or ceiling mounted and can be ordered for split-draw or one-way draw functionality. In addition to operating the Track with a Somfy RTS Controller, Somfy's Touch-Motion feature allows you to activate or stop the drapery simply by pulling on the drapery panel.

Below we describe the process of customizing your Somfy Glydea Motorized track. Each section below corresponds to the individual options that must be selected when placing an order.

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1. Which Somfy Glydea Motorized Drapery Track Should I choose?

Somfy Glydea Motorized Track is available with either the Glydea 35 or the Glydea 60e motor. The Glydea 35 is available for track lengths up to 32 ft (360"), and will carry a maximum drapery weight of 77 pounds. The Glydea 60e is available
in track lengths up to 36 ft (432"), and will carry a maximum drapery weight of 132 pounds. Our recommendation is to choose the Glydea 60e for heavier draperies on longer track, as the difference in cost between the Glydea 35 and the Glydea 60e is generally around 10%.

2. Track Width and Fractional Width

Track Width plus Fractional Width is the finished width of your Somfy Motorized Track. We do not make any additions or subtractions to the Track Width you select; your Track will be the exact width specified by you. Please note that if you are installing your Somfy Motorized Track as an Inside Mount (wall to wall or inside a window or some other type of fixed opening), you will need to make a deduction so that the Track is not the exact same width as the opening in which you will be mounting the track. Our recommendation is to deduct 1/2". For example, if the opening in which you will be installing your Somfy Motorized Track is 118 3/4", we recommend ordering your Track at 118 1/4". For Outside Mount Track, no deduction in Track Width is necessary.

3. Carrier Style

Somfy Glydea Motorized Track can be manufactured for Pinch Pleat Draperies and Ripplefold Draperies. Pinch Pleat Draperies are attached to the Track with Drapery Pins. If you have Pinch Pleat Draperies, simply select the Pinch Pleat Carrier Style.

Ripplefold Draperies are attached to the Track via Snap Tape. Snap Tape is sewn onto the Drapery Panels at the time the Drapery Panels are fabricated.
Somfy Motorized Track can be fabricated with Ripplefold Snap Carriers to match Ripplefold Fullness of 80%, 100% and 120%.The amount of Ripplefold Fullness selected for your Somfy Motorized Track must match the fullness at which your Ripplefold Drapery panels have been (or will be) manufactured.

In addition to Ripplefold Fullness, you must also choose between Overlap Master Slides and Butt-Master Slides. As is the case with Ripplefold Fullness, the type of Master Slides selected for a Somfy Motorized Ripplefold Track must match the type of Master Slides your Ripplefold Drapery Panels have been (or will be) manufactured for.

Ripplefold Overlap Master Slides (Viewed from above):

Ripplefold Butt-Master Slides (Viewed from above):

4. Draw/Stack

Draw/Stack refers to how your Drapery Panels operate on the Somfy Motorized Track.

Split-Draw Drapery Center-Open/Split Draw.

A pair of drapery panels "meet" in the center of the Track when the panels are drawn, and are "stacked" at each side of the Track when the panels are returned.

Right-Draw Drapery One-Way Right Draw.

The Track opens and closes a single panel from and then back to the right side of the Track.
Left-Draw Drapery One-Way Left Draw.

The Track opens and closes a single panel from and then back to the left side of the Track.

5. Motor Placement

The Somfy Glydea Motor can be placed on either side of the Track. The Motor includes a 10-foot cord that allows the unit to be plugged into an electrical outlet.

Typically, a One-Way Right Draw Track will have the motor on the right, and a One-Way Left Draw Track will have the motor on the left. This is so that the motor will be "hidden" by the drapery panel when the panel is installed.

6. Mounting Brackets
Somfy Glydea Brackets Somfy Glydea Motorized Track can be ceiling or wall mounted.

For a ceiling mount, choose between the One-Touch Ceiling Bracket or the Swivel Ceiling Bracket. One-Touch Ceiling Brackets offer ease of installation, while the Swivel Ceiling Bracket minimizes the "Light Gap" between the top of the track and the ceiling.

For a wall mount, choose the Wall Mount Bracket, choose either the standard Adjustable Wall Mount Bracket which is adjustable from 4 1/2" to 6" or the Adjustable Double Wall Mount Bracket, which is adjustable from 8 3/4" to 10".

7. Controllers

Somfy offers a number of controller options for the Glydea Motorized Track. You can operate your Motorized Track with a hand-held remote (single, five and sixteen channel options); a wireless wall switch (single and five channel options); or a programmable transmitter which can be programmed to operate your track at times specified by you.

Tellis Single
Channel RTS Transmitter.
Telis Five
Channel RTS Transmitter.
Telis Sixteen Channel RTS Transmitter.

Tellis 1 Chronis
Single Channel
Programmable Transmitter & Timer

DecoFlex Wireless
RTS Single Channel Wall Switch

DecoFlex Wireless RTS Five Channel Wall Switch

8. Smartphone/Tablet Control

The Somfy myLink is a simple device that turns your smartphone or tablet into a sophisticated remote control for motorized products featuring Radio Technology Somfy. MyLink allows you to operate Somfy Motorized Track from your smartphone or tablet, whether home or away. The intuitive plug-in design and on-screen setup wizard allows you to enjoy your myLink in a few short minutes. Each myLink can control up to 5 individual motorized products or 5 groups of motorized products.

9. Bends & Curves

Somfy Motorized Track can be custom-curved to fit your particular application. We offer custom bends or a continuously curved (radius) Track. The minimum bending radius is 11.8" and reverse curving is available. Curved Track can be manufactured up to 18 feet without splicing. Manufacturing time for a curved Track is 10 business days. All bends and curves require a Template, which must be sent to our warehouse before the Track can be manufactured. Templates must be made on craft, butcher, or construction paper.

Please call us at 800-251-5009 for specific instructions regarding Templates and ordering a custom-curved Track.

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