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Kirsch Architrac

Kirsch Architrac is the industry standard for heavy-duty commercial-grade drapery track. Architrac is used in homes, businesses and other commercial establishments where reliable, exceptional performance is demanded. Architrac is available in motorized, cord-draw, and baton-draw configurations for both Pinch Pleat and Ripplefold Draperies. Architrac rods can be wall or ceiling mounted, and are assembled with Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Carriers for pinch pleats, Heavy Duty Pulley Sets, and Strong .050" 6063T5 Aluminum Alloy Track. Architrac can support up to 80 pounds in drapery panel weight in standard configuration and up to 100 pounds when motorized. Architrac rods are available in the following finishes: White, Anodized Aluminum, Bronze, and Black.

Why select Kirsch Architrac?

We often have customers looking for a heavy-duty non-telescopic drapery rod. In particular, customers are looking for the type of track they see or use when staying in a hotel or visiting a commercial establishment. The type of Track they are looking for is Architrac. Architrac offers incredibly strong and smooth operation in a small profile package.

We have created a guide to aid you in selecting Kirsch Architrac Drapery Rods. Please Click Here to view the guide, or scroll down to view additional information. Please note that Kirsch Architrac Rods are custom made and are Non-Returnable. Please see our Return Policy for more information.
We offer Kirsch Architrac in the following configurations:
Kirsch Architrac 94001 Series Cord-Draw Track: Available with a Maximum width of 32 ft. (360") and a Maximum Drapery Weight of 80 pounds for cord-draw and 100 pounds with Briza Motorization.
Kirsch Architrac 94003 Series Baton-Draw Track: Available with a Maximum width of 32 ft. (360") and a Maximum Drapery Weight of 80 pounds.

Additional Information for Kirsch Architrac Drapery Track

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