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Kirsch Continental Rods

The Kirsch Continental Curtain Rod is the "wide" alternative to the standard curtain rod. Designed to provide a more substantial look and additional strength and support for heavier valances and curtains, the Continental Rod has become a mainstay. The Kirsch Continental Rod is available as the 4 1/2 Inch Wide Continental I and the 2 1/2 Inch Wide Continental II.

Feel free to call us at 800-251-5009 with any questions you have about Kirsch Continental Curtain Rods. Visit our "How-To" center to learn how to measure for your new Kirsch Continental Rods. We've worked with these rods for years. They are very easy to install, perform remarkably well, and last for years.

Availability: Kirsch Continental Rods ship in 1-2 business days, if in stock.
Returns: Kirsch Continental Rods are returnable. Please see our Return Policy for more information.
Available Finishes: All Continental rods are white.

Installation Instructions for Kirsch Continental Rods

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