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What do I need?

Determining what you need can seem confusing, so we have created a short list of items to consider when you are shopping for curtain and drapery hardware.

An Important Note about Drapery Hardware Classification:

Drapery Hardware is classified by each Collection's Rod or Pole Diameter. For example, if you are looking at the Kirsch 2" Wood Trends Collection, that means that all of the items in that collection are based upon (and named for) a two-inch diameter pole. Accordingly, the Kirsch Two-Inch 3 1/2 Inch Return Bracket is made to hold a two-inch diameter pole, the Kirsch Two-Inch Wood Trends Rings are made to fit a two-inch diameter pole, and the Kirsch Two-Inch Wood Trends Chaucer Finial is made to fit on the end of a two-inch diameter pole. More detail on the specific sizes of all of these components are available on the product page for each product.

Selecting Drapery Hardware:

Curtain Pole or Rod. First, select the style (wood, metal, wrought iron) and diameter of the pole you are interested in. All pole and rod sizes are stated in their "Diameter". Diameter refers to the width of the cross section of the rod or pole:

After you have selected the diameter of the pole or rod you are interested in, select the length. Some of the metal poles are telescopic (i.e., 66-120). A Telescopic Pole expands to cover any width within the range specified. Other rods and poles are fixed-width (i.e., 6-Feet Long). For fixed width poles, select a pole either at the same size you need, or longer. Longer poles are cut down by you or your installer (or us upon request) to fit your particular width requirement. Note also that if you need a pole that is wider than is offered, the poles can be "spliced" together to create a longer pole. Note that anytime a pole is "spliced" the splice must be placed over a bracket.

Brackets. The number of brackets you need are determined by the type of rod or pole you are considering. Here are some general guidelines:

Kirsch 1 3/8" Diameter Wood Poles: Two brackets are sufficient up to a width of 60". For poles over 60" we recommend a third bracket in the center to serve as a center support.

Kirsch 2" Diameter & 3" Diameter Wood Poles: Two Brackets are sufficient up to a width of 96". At a width of 96" many customer still prefer to have a third bracket to serve as a center support, whether for aesthetics or as additional support. Over 96 inches we recommend a third bracket as a center support. With this said, a Kirsch 2" or 3" Diameter pole can span a distance up to a full 12-foot pole without "warping" or "bowing" on two brackets. Please note that at these wider widths, you or your installer must be certain that the end brackets are installed in a manner sufficient to carry the weight of the pole and draperies. In other words, at these widths, two brackets installed in "plugs" or "molly bolts" is not sufficient. You will likely need to make sure the end brackets are installed in a stud.

Kirsch Designer Metals 1 3/8" Diameter Poles: All Kirsch Designer Metals Telescopic poles come with brackets. Additional brackets are not necessary unless your are ordering C-Rings and Center-Bypass brackets. Kirsch Designer Metals 1 3/8" 8-foot Fixed-Width poles do not come with brackets. For the Fixed-Width poles, two brackets up to 60" is sufficient. Over 60" we recommend three brackets.

Kirsch Wrought Iron: Both the 6-foot and 8-foot poles can be installed on two brackets.

Please remember, any time you are joining two rods with a center connector (Kirsch Wood Pole Connector Screw, Kirsch Wrought Iron Curtain Rod Splice, or Kirsch Designer Metals Curtain Rod Splice) the connection point must be supported by a Bracket.

Bracket Projection. This concerns "how far" your curtain, drapery or valance hangs from wall. The question as to which projection bracket you need depends on what else is (or will be) installed on the window in question, and how large that item is. If no other products are or will be installed behind your drapery, or if a product will be mounted "inside" the window frame, then standard, or shorter, projection brackets are what you want. Standard projection brackets for Decorative Curtain Rods are brackets with a projection of 3 inches to 4 inches. For Basic Drapery and Curtain Hardware, standard projection brackets are brackets with a 3 1/2 inch to 4 1/2 inch return. If you do have other products on your window (or if you are installing layered treatments), longer projection brackets may be necessary. Calculate how far those items will project from the frame or wall. Based upon this number, add two inches. This is the projection bracket you will need for your new treatment. As you browse the items in our store, please note we often use the term "Return." Return, for these purposes, is the same as projection.

Curtain Rings.

Pinch Pleat Draperies: If you have access to the Curtain or Drapery Panels you will be installing, count the number of pleats per panel and add 1. This is the number of rings you need per panel. Remember, the return of the drapery is attached to the wall, and is not hung from a ring. If you do not have access to your curtain or drapery panels, divide the width of your Curtain Rod in inches by 3 or 4. This manner of calculation will likely result in you having a few more rings than needed, but it is a conservative estimate designed to help ensure you are not short rings at installation.

Flat panel Draperies (not gathered or pleated at the top): For Flat Panel Draperies typically require a ring every 5-7 inches of panel width. This is more art than science, as you or your installer will decide how far apart you want each ring to be. Some customers prefer more rings, while some prefer less.

Finials/End Caps. Select two Finials or End Caps for each rod or pole. Pay attention to how the finials are classified for the particular collection you are interested in; some finials are sold as "pairs" while others are sold individually. This information is noted one the each product's page.

Kirsch Basic Curtain and Drapery Hardware.

All of the Kirsch Basic Curtain and Drapery Hardware we sell comes with the hardware needed for installation. The only exception to this is those cases in which the projection you require is different from the projection of the supplied brackets. Accordingly, please see the section entitled Bracket Projection above so that you are able to select a curtain or drapery rod based upon the size and projection you need.

Please click here for information on "How to Measure for Curtain Rods".

Please call us at 800-251-5009 if you have any questions regarding Curtain and Drapery Hardware selection.