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Drapery Rods Direct Blog

double curtain rods

Tips for Buying Double Curtain Rods

Using two layers of curtains on your windows adds depth, making the room feel larger. Instead of adding two different curtain rods to your windows, try double curtain rods. Double curtain rods are the best way to create a layered effect, giving a distinct and put-together look. Select a thin, lightweight curtain to go against the window and a more heavier material to be placed at the front.

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curtain rod sets

Shop Beautiful Curtain Rod Sets

Shopping for curtain rods and hardware? It’s best to start with a general idea of the curtain rod style you desire. If you haven’t already, look around the room you are adding or replacing your curtain hardware. What materials do you see in your furniture and decor? Metal or wood, and what color? Often, coordinating colors and materials look best. Whether you’re going for a classic and traditional, modern and sophisticated, or a bold farmhouse look, curtain rod sets simplify the curtain rod buying process.

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curtain rod bracket guide

The Ultimate Guide to Curtain Rod Brackets

When it comes to window curtains, curtain rod brackets are an essential component. But what exactly are they and how do you choose the right pair for your curtain rods? There are so many options for curtain rod holders on the market and we understand that it can easily become overwhelming. To further the frustration, depending on the type of curtain rod you want, you may have to purchase a very specific type of bracket.

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the history of kirsch

The History of Kirsch Drapery Hardware

Drapery rods don’t just support draperies—they make a statement of their own, whether wrought in iron or carved from wood. Decorative drapery rods add unique character to a room, bringing the visions of decorators and home interior enthusiasts to life. There is something about updating window treatments that can elevate a room unlike any other renovation.

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ceiling mounted curtain rods

Decorative Ceiling Mounted Curtain Rods

There are several appropriate applications for choosing a ceiling mount curtain rod. Sometimes it is simply not feasible to mount drapery rods on the wall above the windows. Lack of space for the brackets is the most common reason. Some windows go clear to the ceiling, leaving no room for a rod, and sometimes elaborate moldings or existing blinds or shades get in the way. So, Kirsch created decorative drapery rod ceiling mount brackets in several collections to make hanging draperies in such circumstances possible

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curtain rod color

How to Choose The Right Curtain Rod Color

Your home is as individual as you are. No one else has exactly the furnishings, fabrics, art, and even perhaps the wall color you have, let alone the arrangement of the furniture and orientation of the windows. Selecting just the right drapery rod is like adding jewelry to your room. It’s not a large element in your decoration, but it can have a tremendous impact. You don’t want to make a mistake—but how do you know what will look the best?

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french door curtain rods

The Ultimate Guide to Installing French Door Curtain Rods

French doors are doors with glass nearly from top to bottom. They are made in pairs and open in the center to welcome in light, fresh air, outdoor views, and provide access to decks, lawns, porches--you name it. Garden doors have a similar look, but usually only one of the doors opens. You can treat them exactly the same way you treat traditional French doors.

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bay window curtain rods

Finding The Perfect Curtain Rod for Your Bay Window

Bay windows are beautiful, adding architectural interest and allowing natural light into your home. But if you want to add draperies to a bay, it can be difficult. Narrow spaces for mounting curtain rods, odd angles, and tricky molding all can contribute to difficulties finding and installing both draperies and decorative bay window curtain rods. However, constructing a custom decorative drapery rod in a bay window can be done with the clever solutions Kirsch hardware provides in its decorative rod collections, including metal designer drapery hardware

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