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traverse curtain rods

Guide to Decorative Traverse Curtain Rods

Every detail counts when you are trying to elevate your space. Picking out the right colors, fabrics, and curtain rods can make a big difference in transforming your space into one of comfort and luxury. If you’re searching for the perfect curtain rod to help you decorate your home, look no further than decorative traverse curtain rods. Traverse curtain rods are both functional and elegant, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. With so many options to pick from, we know that finding the right kind of traverse rod can be an overwhelming decision. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about traverse drapery rods to help you make your decision!

What are decorative traverse curtain rods?

You may be wondering what decorative traverse curtain rods are and what makes them different from regular curtain rods. Traverse rods are designed to make opening and closing your drapery easy. Traverse rods simply require you to tug on a string. Your curtains will then open with ease. Functional and easy to open. 

What kind of traverse rod styles are there?

One of the best things about traverse curtain rods is that they are available in a number of different style options. At Drapery Rods Direct, we offer both timeless, traditional traverse rods as well as more modern styles. For example, Drapery Rods Direct offers decorative traverse rods in the Kirsch Designer Metals, Wood Trends, and Wrought Iron Collections. 

What kind of curtains work well with traverse rods?

The decorative traverse rods offered by Drapery Rods Direct are specifically designed to work with pinch pleats or ripplefold draperies. 

How can traverse rods improve my home’s aesthetic?

When people think of redesigning their home, they often think of big changes like removing carpet in favor of hardwood floors or taking out a wall to create a more open space. But, what many people forget is that the details of your home are just as important to creating a space that feels like yours as these big changes are. The small pieces are what make your home transform from the ordinary to the extraordinary. 

Decorative traverse curtain rods are both functional and decorative, so you’ll love them for the ease that they provide you while also adoring how they allow you to express yourself. These curtain rods can help you improve your home’s aesthetic by letting you show off your personal style. Whether you want a more modern look or something that gives your home a hint of sophistication, Drapery Rods Direct has a traverse rod that perfectly captures the aesthetic you want to encapsulate. 

Where can I find the best traverse rods?

If you’re looking for the highest quality traverse curtain rods, look no further than Drapery Rods Direct. Our custom traverse rods give every home the perfect finishing touch. Whether you choose one of our designer metal rods or our wood rods, you can rest assured that you will be getting high-quality and beautifully made decorative traverse curtain rods. To learn more about our decorative curtain rods and draperies, contact Drapery Rods Direct today!