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7 Ways To Choose the Perfect Curtain Hardware

Curtains and drapes can make an incredible visual impression in a room, and people frequently make careful and thoughtful decisions about the style, color, and material of their curtains.

It’s easy to forget that the hardware is just as important as the curtains you choose. In fact, buying a set of beautiful drapes is useless if you don’t have the right hardware to support it. In addition to curtain rods, which are usually seen as the key to successfully finishing a window, there are other pieces needed to complete the look.

When shopping for drapery hardware, you will need to find

  • Rods: the long pieces that the curtains hang from
  • Holdbacks: the metal or wood pieces used to swag the curtains
  • Finials: the decorative knobs at the ends of the curtain rod
  • Rings and Clips: the hardware used to secure curtains without pockets or grommets
  • Brackets: the pieces that attach to the wall and hold the curtain rod

With all of these pieces in mind, you want to find the best possible hardware for your curtains. There are seven ways to make sure that happens.

Evaluate Your Needs

The first way to make sure you get the perfect hardware for your room is to think about your needs. The type of curtains you have selected can determine what specific pieces of hardware are necessary. For example, if your curtains have pockets, there’s no need to look for rings or clips.

You should also think about the height of the window. If the top is close to the ceiling, it may be necessary to choose a smaller rod and brackets.

Finally, consider whether there are any special features that you want or need in your hardware. Motorized curtains, for example, require a special type of rod that isn’t always available at all retailers. Fortunately, Drapery Rods Direct has excellent options for motorized rods.

Determine the Dimensions

Measuring the window is obviously important when choosing the appropriate length for your curtains, but it’s also a factor when choosing the curtain rod. There are a number of sizes of rods available, and some are telescopic or expandable. Make sure you have a precise measurement so that the rod isn’t too short or long, which can distort the entire look of the window. At times, windows have unusual dimensions. They may be especially wide or narrow and not fit standard rod sizes. In that case, an option like customized or extended rods may be best. Fortunately, Drapery Rods Direct can help you with both, along with all of the standard sizes that you may need.

Choose the Appropriate Strength

The weight of the curtains or drapes can make a big difference in the hardware you choose. A heavy drape hanging on a lightweight rod is a recipe for disaster.

Curtain hanging hardware can make all the difference in whether your drapes stay in place or wind up on the floor. The material of the rod, such as metal or wood, affects its strength, as does the shape and style.

Beyond the rod, brackets and rings are also meant for different weights. A sheer curtain doesn’t require especially strong brackets, but linen drapes might bend lightweight brackets and rings.

Consider the Color

Curtain color is always first on the list of considerations when dressing a window, but you should think just as much about the color of the hardware. Look at the color of the walls and ceiling, furniture, and flooring in the room.

Hardware comes in a number of colors, including white, black, brass, and nickel. It’s important to make sure that the color of your hardware will correspond with not only your windows but also the rest of the room. Do you want the rod and finials, for example, to be noticeable? If you do, choosing to use a black rod against a dark-colored wall likely won’t get the desired result.

Coordinate Your Pieces

People often think about coordinating their curtain rods with the curtains, but sometimes they don’t consider coordinating the hardware itself. It's important to consider the material, color, and design of the hardware for curtain rods to make sure the look will be cohesive.

One way to ensure that you have consistent style between all the necessary pieces is to buy curtain hardware sets. These include rods, brackets, finials, and rings in matching colors and designs. Drapery Rods Direct has a variety of these hardware sets to choose from.

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Identify Your Aesthetic

After you choose your curtains or drapes, you want to make sure that the style of your hardware coordinates with them and the rest of the room. Depending on your personal style, you might want very simple hardware that doesn’t draw attention, putting the focus on the drapes instead.

On the other hand, you might want decorative drapery hardware to enhance the look of the curtains and give the entire window a stronger impact.

It’s also important to consider whether you want the curtain rod to be visible or not. Visible rods can enhance the appearance of the window even more, but if you are using something like a valance, there’s a good chance you want to keep it hidden.

Whether you want something modern or traditional, hidden or visible, Drapery Rods Direct has a wide range of styles to choose from, some simple and others very detailed.

Be Selective

When you consider where to buy drapery hardware for your home, keep in mind that quality and visual appeal can be wildly different based on the supplier. Curtain rods and curtain rod hardware are as much of an investment as the curtains themselves, so you want to be sure that what you purchase will last.

Shop for Stunning Curtain Hardware at Drapery Rods Direct

Drapery Rods Direct offers an incredible variety of styles, colors, sizes, and features for your hardware, and the quality is of the highest standard so that you never have to worry about brackets breaking, rods bowing, or finials falling out.