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motorized curtain rods

What Are Motorized Curtain Rods?

In today’s age of smart homes and advanced wireless automation, motorized curtain rods are the next best thing in modern decor. With units that are virtually silent, and highly tuned motors that make movements smooth and effortless, motorized drapery rods have come a long way in recent years. Now you can enjoy the ease and convenience of one-button curtain control while perfectly accenting your personal style in every room.  

How do Motorized Curtain Rods Work?

Motorized curtain rods look exactly like regular decorative curtain rods, but they come equipped with the convenience and luxury of motorization. You have complete control over the movement of your drapery electronically by using a remote control equipped with wireless technology. Motorized curtain rods allow you to enjoy style and convenience without bulky housing or ugly remotes. Thanks to a slim, powerful motor tucked seamlessly behind your drapery panels, and an internal track concealed within the rod, you’re able to open and close the curtains with a single press of a button. Installation is generally as easy as non-motorized rods, and we are always here to answer your installation questions.  

What are the Benefits of Motorized Curtain Rods?

Opening and closing the curtains with the press of a finger is convenient, but there are many other benefits that make them worth installing in your home or business. With these rods, you can effortlessly protect your high-quality drapery from wear and tear while opening and closing them as often as you like. Whether you prefer a Pinch Pleat or a Ripplefold™, your fabric will fall in beautiful form every time. And motorized drapery rods aren’t just for windows. You can cover a projection screen in your home theater when it’s not in use, or use them as mechanized room dividers in larger spaces. Know someone with limited mobility? Motorized traverse rods make it easy for anyone to control the view from any window in your home.

Find the Best Motorized Curtain Rod for Your Space

As an exclusive retailer of Kirsch Drapery Hardware, Drapery Rods Direct now offers Briza™ Motorization for all Estate Decorative Traverse Rods! The Estate line from Kirsch is perfect for people who enjoy beautiful decorative finishes and thoughtful forms. With a powerful motor and whisper quiet track, Briza™ motorization allows you to turn any Estate rod into an automated curtain rod.  

Drapery Rods Direct offers top of the line motorized curtain rods that are perfect for updating your home or business! Whether you prefer the convenience of wireless control and automation, or you enjoy the luxury of custom finishes and fabric folds, motorized drapery rods will elevate your space and bring function to form. Shop our selection online, or call 1-800-251-5009 for more information on the brands and models we stock!


Frequently Asked Questions about Drapery Rods Direct

Are motorized curtain rods difficult to install?

All our drapery rods, including motorized rods, come with complete instructions for fast, easy installation. Still have questions? Check out our helpful how-to videos or call for personalized assistance!

Where can I buy custom curtain rods?

Drapery Rods Direct offers custom curtain rods! Choose your color, finish, and finials, as well as any additional accessories, to create your perfect set. Call now for more information! 1-800-251-5009

Are motorized curtain rods worth it?

Yes! Motorized drapery rods provide daily ease and convenience while protecting your fabrics by reducing wear and tear. With home automation, you have complete control over the look and function of your interior decor.