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How many brackets do I need to hold up my drapery rods?

Consider the weight of the draperies, both width, and length of draperies and rod, the function of the draperies, and the sturdiness of your wall when selecting the number of brackets. Generally, traversing rods need support every 36-48 inches. One and three-eighths inch diameter wood poles can go 60 inches between supports. The same goes for Designer Metals 1 3/8 inch diameter poles. Two-inch diameter wood poles can go up to 96 inches between supports, though if your draperies are very high up on the wall, you may want to add more brackets. Wrought Iron 1 inch diameter rods can also go up to eight feet between supports, but these rods are heavy and you may want to use more brackets. All splices or joints need a support, and Swivel Sockets need support on each side.

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