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What is the difference between finials, end caps, and finial plugs?

Finials are the decorative end pieces that fit into the ends of the drapery rod to give it a finished, ornamental look. Finials are available in many styles and finishes to coordinate with the style of your room. Drapery Rods Direct offers screw-in metal and wood finials in every collection to give your drapery hardware beauty and style. 

End caps are smaller and simpler than finials, for rooms that call for a more sleek, modern appearance, or in situations where a finial is too large for the space available. Rods need something at the ends, since otherwise you’d be confronted with a plastic end plug or the unfinished end of a wood rod. End caps simply finish off the ends of the rods without calling much attention to themselves. Browse Drapery Rods Direct Designer Metals, Wrought Iron, or Wood Curtain Rod collections to select end caps to match your other drapery hardware components.

Finial plugs are not decorative in any way. They are plastic ends that fit into hollow metal rods and allow for the finial or end cap to be screwed into place. They are included with the rods or with the finials or end caps, according to the particular hardware collection. For Kirsch Designer Metals fixed-width rods that are being cut down or cut into several sections, you must purchase additional finial plugs for each open end you will create.

Wood rods come with pre-drilled pilot holes for finials or end caps to screw into. Drapery Rods Direct can request that your wood rods be cut to custom lengths at no charge, and we will re-drill the pilot holes for you.

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