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Kirsch Drapery Hardware Installation Videos

Learn how to install Kirsch drapery rods! Listed below are our "How-To" Videos. The videos cover a broad area of subjects for the different styles of drapery hardware, including traversing curtain rods. The videos are listed by category, based upon the type of Kirsch Drapery Hardware involved.

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Kirsch Wood Trends Videos

Installing a Kirsch Wood Trends Bracket

Attaching a Kirsch Wood Trends Finial

Joining Wood Poles with the Connector Screw

Kirsch Wrought Iron Videos

Joining Wrought Iron Poles With the Splice

How to Install a Kirsch Wrought Iron Finial

Cutting Down Kirsch Wrought Iron Poles


Kirsch Traverse Rod Videos

How to Re-String a Traverse Rod

Centering the Master Slides on a Kirsch Traverse Rod

Convert From a Split-Draw to a One-Way

Centering the Master Slides on a Kirsch Traverse Rod