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double curtain rods

Interested in Double Curtain Rods? Here’s What You Need to Know:

Single curtain rods are a classic choice. However, double curtain rods are growing in popularity because they allow more options for light control and privacy, and unique and expressive decorating. They may not be as simple as single curtain rods, but the end results will be worth it. Let’s walk through the process of creating a double window treatment. With our help, your double curtain rods will be stunning!

What is a double curtain rod?

Double curtain rods allow for a drapery next to the window—usually a sheer—under another, more decorative drapery. The two rods on double brackets allow each layer to be operated independently.

Types of Double Curtain Rods

When it comes to double curtain rods, Drapery Rods Direct has all the customization you could hope for. There are plenty of options in both style and functionality.

First, consider how the draperies you have chosen will attach to the rod. Pinch pleated draperies on rings? Tab tops? Grommets? Operated by hand or with a cord control on a traverse rod?

Second, consider the rod material. Metal or wood?

Third, ask yourself whether you need just simple functionality, or if you want a spectacular, statement-making decorative rod.

Double Curtain Rod Colors

If you are selecting a decorative rod, you can choose from an array of different finishes, both in metal and wood.

The Buckingham collection offers a wide range of elaborately designed finials in 15 different multi-step, custom-made finishes. Just a few of these unique colors are Cottage White, Black Gold, and Winterwood.

The Woods Trends Collection offers traditional, transitional, contemporary styles, in finishes such as Mahogany, Coffee, Black, White, and more.

Drapery Rods Direct also offers the Kirsch Designer Metals and Wrought Iron collections, which have both traditional and contemporary finials to coordinate with any décor. Call our experienced consultants to learn more and discuss what will work best in your home.

Wood Double Curtain Rod

wooden curtain rods The Wood Trends Collection offers double brackets in both 1 3/8” and 2” with options for either double wood rods or a wood rod in the front and a plain white utility rod behind. Wood Trends and Buckingham rods are also available as Estate custom-made traverse rods and can be manufactured with an additional track behind for a double setup.

Metal Double Curtain Rods


metal curtain rods

If your taste runs to a metal decorative rod, the Kirsch Designer Metals and Wrought Iron rods offer double brackets so two matching rods can be mounted together, one in front of the other. Choose from metal tones such as Satin Nickel, Gilded Bronze, Black, and more in the Designer Metals line, and from five old-world, more rustic finishes in Wrought Iron. Drapery Rods Direct also offers three custom-made Orion Drapery Hardware collections in two sizes and eight beautiful colors. Explore the Wrought Iron Collection and the Orion Drapery Hardware for unique and beautiful double rod options.




What are double traverse curtain rods?

double curtain rods


Traverse curtain rods employ a track system with carriers sliding inside it. This allows the draperies to move unimpeded by the brackets, which hold the track from the top. A decorative fascia can be added to the rod in front for a more decorative look, or you can create a custom-made double Architrac rod, in four different finishes, giving you a sleek, industrial-style double track. You can also add motorization to your custom traverse rod - a big win for those who love the ease of traverse rods and the beauty, warmth, and versatility of two layers of draperies.

If you need a ready-made, classic Superfine double rod, you will need to order two of the same rods with double end brackets and intermediate supports, purchased separately.

Not sure how to select a size for your rods or tracks? Read our guide on how to measure for curtain rods.

How to Order Double Curtain Rods

Selecting all the bits and pieces for a double setup can be intimidating. Go ahead and call our experienced associates at Drapery Rods Direct anytime between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Eastern time. We can ensure that you have everything you need to successfully install your double rod.

Don’t forget your decorative finials or end caps to finish the ends of your rods! You will only need end caps for your back rods, and finials or end caps for the front. Make your selection from the same collection as the rods to ensure that they match.

Double Curtain Rod Brackets

double curtain rod brackets

All the non-traverse curtain rods other than the Elemental Collection require brackets to be ordered separately. Obviously, for a double installation, you must select double brackets. Ensure that they match your rods in diameter and finish, and are chosen from the same collection.

If you are purchasing an Estate metal or wood decorative traverse rod, choose the 6” return option under Mounting Brackets. You will get brackets that will allow a second rod to be mounted behind the front rod. For Architrac rods, choose one rod with the deeper return, and the second rod with standard returns. If you are ceiling-mounting your double rods, you don’t need wall brackets at all—you will simply mount both rods on the ceiling, where you want them.

Note that there are no double brackets for the Buckingham collection. If you want a rod behind one of these decorative rods, you would need to purchase the 6” return brackets and then select a simple Lockseam, Superfine, or Architrac rod for the back.

How to Install Double Curtain Rods

Double curtain rods are installed the same way as single curtain rods—you are usually just using double brackets! If you are mounting a Superfine rod behind a decorative rod, install the Superfine rod first, after determining where the brackets for the decorative rod should go. For stationary double rods, also place the back rod before the front rod, and put your curtains on the back rod before adding them to the front rod.

For the best results, the drapery rods should be mounted at least four inches above the window molding. If you have limited space for installation, measure carefully beforehand so you can be sure your selected brackets will fit.

Have Questions About Double Curtain Rods?

Double curtain rods can be a stunning addition to your home. However, they can be trickier to figure out than single curtain rods. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice when ordering or installing double curtain rods. The experts at Drapery Rods Direct are available Monday through Friday, 9 am-5 pm Eastern time. Additionally, you can check out our help center, where you can find videos that will show you exactly how to install brackets, cut down rods, and center the master slides on traverse rods. Need more help? Call Drapery Rods Direct at (800) 251-5009.