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All Selections are Based on a 1 3/8" Diameter Pole

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A Note on Rods Exceeding 93"

Estate Rods exceeding 93" wide will be Spliced in the center. The Splice is covered with a Decorative Keystone, which matches the selected Color.

Additional Product Information

  • This Product generally ships in 3-5 business days.
  • This Product is Not Returnable. See Returns & Exchanges for additional information.

Installation & Splicing Instructions

To view Installation Instructions for this product, click here. To view Splicing Instructions, click here.

! WARNING | ADVERTENCIA ! Traverse rod cords present a potential strangulation hazard. For child safety reasons consider cordless alternatives (such as batons or wands), or products with inaccessible cords. El cordon en este producto representa un riesgo potencial de estrangulacion. Por cuestiones de seguridad infantil, considere alternativas sin cordon o productos con cordones inaccesibles.

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    Kirsch Estate Rods generally ship in 3-5 business days. Estate Rods are custom made and are not returnable. Please see our Return Policy for additional information.


    Kirsch Wrought Iron is the most versatile hardware we offer. It is incredibly strong ands works with just about any type of drapery panel. It is also an ideal solution for corner and bay windows.


    Call us at 800-251-5009 with any questions you have about Kirsch Wrought Iron drapery hardware. Customers find the collection to be installation-friendly and absolutely beautiful.