7 Tips Before Buying Curtain Rods for Your Home

Whether you’re redesigning your living room or looking to add style to your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, carefully chosen curtain rods and complementary window treatments can make a huge impact. Want to get ready for your next project? Begin by taking a quick look at the basics:  What Do I need to measure and hang my curtain rod?

If you're looking to buy a rod for your curtains, make sure you select pieces that make a bold statement while still complementing your home's unique style.Follow our 7 tips for choosing a curtain rod below to ensure that your window treatments are both dependable and fashion-forward. Let’s get started!

Types of Curtain Rods

When shopping for drapery rods, it’s important to first consider the types of curtains you want to hang. Curtain rod hardware can vary in shape and size, so it’s important to find the right type of rod for your specific window size and type of curtain. Standard curtain rods are typically made from metal or wood and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you have a small window, consider using a mini or small curtain rod instead. These types of rods are designed for smaller spaces and are often made from plastic or aluminum.

When selecting a curtain rod, keep in mind the weight of your curtains. If you have heavy or thick curtains, you’ll need to select a sturdier rod that can support the fabric. For light or sheer curtains, a thinner and more delicate rod may be all you need.

Wood or Metal Curtain Rods

Both wood and metal drapery hardware come in a vast range of finishes and designs. Each can be used for longer or shorter window spans. The question of whether to use metal or wood drapery hardware is a matter of design and personal choice. There really isn’t an incorrect answer as to what looks “best” in a particular room. The decision is determined by personal choice and opinion. In the most general terms, metal rods provide a more modern look while wooden curtain hardware will give the room either an elegant luxe finish - with the use of dark woods - or a relaxed and natural feel with lighter woods. Metal and Wooden rods are available in a range of finishes, allowing you to complete the look of any room with ease. Learn more about our Kirsch Wrought Iron curtain rods.

How Much do Curtain Rods Cost?

While your everyday department store retailer may offer products within the general $40.00-$200.00 curtain rod price range, Drapery Rods Direct features a vast array of trendy and durable Kirsch® fixtures and hardware for the same price, but with unmatched quality and value hands down!

Decorative Curtain Rods

Explore our premier selection of everything from stylish baseline products to decorative wood, decorative metal curtain rods, and even motorized curtain rods all at an affordable price.

Curtain Rod Sizes

When measuring your space for a curtain rod, it's important to take window size, type of curtain, and the desired look into account. Standard curtain rod lengths range from 24" - 144", while mini and small curtain rods range from 12" - 48". If you're looking for a more custom look, try measuring the width of your window and adding 4-6 inches on each side to account for the hardware. This will give you a starting point for finding the perfect-sized curtain rod for your space.

How do I Choose a Curtain Rod?

Now that you know the types of curtain rods available and have an idea of what size you need, it's time to consider style. Are you looking for a traditional wood rod or something more modern? Once you've decided on the overall look you're going for, it will be easier to narrow down your options.

If you're still not sure which style of curtain rod is right for you, take a look at the rest of the décor in your room. Is your furniture classic or contemporary? Do you have bold wallpaper or neutral paint colors? Your curtain rod should complement the other elements in your space.

Finally, don't forget to pay attention to the details. Finials, brackets, and other accessories can really make a difference in the look of your curtain rod. Consider what kind of hardware would best suit your space and personal style.

There are a few tips when it comes to choosing the best curtain rods for your home. First, decide if you want a double or single curtain rod. It’s important to find just the right curtain rod and accessories that will complement your home’s aesthetic.

We’ve done the hard work for you by putting together this list of 7 things to consider before selecting a curtain rod.

1. What Size Curtain Rod Do You Need?

Before deciding what size curtain rod you need, let’s quickly review a few simple guidelines on how to measure for curtain rods based on the type(s) of window treatments that you will be using, such as sheer curtains, and heavier fabric drapes, or a stand-alone valance.

It may seem difficult to determine what size curtain rod you need for a particular project, but it’s actually quite simple! Let’s start by selecting your desired style (wood, metal, or wrought iron) and then choosing what size curtain rod diameter is needed. All curtain rods are measured by their diameter, meaning the width of the pole’s cross-section. Common curtain rod diameters are typically between 1-3 inches, depending on the weight of your curtains.

Next, how long does your curtain rod need to be? Drapery Rods Direct offers both telescopic and fixed-width rods enabling you to choose whether your projects require an expandable pole (covering any width within the specified range) or a fixed-width curtain rod (covering areas the exact same size that you need or longer). Do you have a larger window that is longer than the standard 2-8 feet? Our experienced drapery rod staff can splice (or connect) two or more curtain rods to create a custom length perfect for your special space.

Don’t forget to stay on-trend by selecting a curtain rod or rail that’s length is (or can be extended to) several inches beyond the exact measurement of your window on each side. Choosing a bit longer curtain rod will give the appearance of a grander window and treatment, while also allowing your window’s full amount of natural light inside when the curtains are open.

Choosing the right curtain rod for heavy curtains is essential, as it will ensure that the weight of the curtains does not cause the rod to bend or break. For thicker, bulkier curtains, heavy-duty curtain rods are typically the best option. These types of rods are specifically designed to withstand the weight of heavy drapery materials.

Drapery Rods Direct has a variety of options in varying sizes and colors. When selecting the size, consider both the length of your window and the fullness of your curtains. We have many options to choose from including Cord-Draw Rods, Baton-Draw Rods, and Traverse Drapery Rods. 

2. How High Will Your Curtain Rod Be?

Where should you begin when deciding how to measure the height of your curtains and rods? Since a window, curtain rod, and stylish set of drapes tends to become a key focal point in your home, installing a curtain rod too low can "bring down" the height of the room. Based on your personal preference, you can choose to hang your curtain rods a few inches above the window or go a bit higher and evenly split the distance between the top of the window frame and your room’s crown molding or ceiling. We find that most people often tend to initially hang their curtain rods too low, only to go a few inches higher later – which makes a huge difference throughout your home by giving the appearance of “taller” rooms! 

3. What Color Curtain Rods Are Available?

Drapery Rods Direct has a vast array of elegant and fashion-forward Kirsch® curtain rods, rails, and complementary hardware to choose from. Typically, you would want to begin by figuring out which type of material best suits your home and personal style – wood curtain rods, designer metal, or wrought iron pieces.

It’s also very important to determine which overall type of curtain or drapery style you are interested in… designs that are a visible component of the finished product or basic hardware that is mostly hidden after installation?

After making these decisions, let your design inspirations and creativity lead the way! Select complementary curtain rod and drapery colors that go along with your existing décor or maybe opt for bolder, contrasting choices that set your space apart.

4. What are the Different Types of Curtain Rods?

Whether your project calls for decorative curtain rods, custom curtain rods, or extra long curtain rods, Drapery Rods Direct provides products that meet your needs! Consult our experts today at 800-251-5009to help decide whether your window needs a fixed-width curtain rod, telescopic (expandable) curtain rod, or custom curtain rod option (spliced/extended). Curtain Rod Sets simplify the buying process.

5. What are the Best Curtain Rods?

When it comes to quality, there really are no rods for curtains that will fail you when you choose Drapery Rods Direct as your professional curtain rod specialist. Feeling concerned about how to select a curtain rod? Kirsch® products will undoubtedly meet all of your design needs and surpass your quality expectations as they have been the leader in producing elegant and dependable drapery hardware since 1907.

Whether you’re interested in a more classic wooden curtain rod or perhaps a modern designer metal piece, Drapery Rods Directs brings customers a full line of stylish and durable products perfect for completing any window treatment project.

6. What Curtain Rods are in Style?

What curtain rods are trending? Whether you are looking for french door curtain rods, or ceiling mount curtain rods, Drapery Rods Direct has the solution for you! The most commonly sought-after sizes and styles feature a 1 and 3/8 inch (in diameter) size curtain rod to a 2-inch curtain rod, typically for windows with a length measuring between 66-120 inches. Browse your go-to design magazines, websites, or blogs to explore current color trends or pattern styles that make you feel inspired.

7. Where can you buy stylish and dependable curtain rods near you?

Look no further than Drapery Rods Direct – offering customers a vast array of premiere Kirsch® fixtures and hardware. Browse our full line of quality drapery rods and poles, matching curtain rod brackets, finials, rings, and more that are ideal for any room update or home makeover project.

If you're experiencing trouble finding the perfect curtain rod, reach out to our seasoned pros by contacting customerservice@draperyrodsdirect.com.

Drapery hardware is an important part of any window treatment, and the right curtain rods can make all the difference in your room's style. Whether you're looking for a sleek, modern look or something more traditional, these tips will help you choose the best curtain rods for your home.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your next design project today! We have specialists available by phone Monday through Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM. Give us a call and receive your free consultation today at 800-251-5009.

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