How to Choose The Right Curtain Rod Color

Your home is as individual as you are. No one else has exactly the furnishings, fabrics, art, and even perhaps the wall color you have, let alone the arrangement of the furniture and orientation of the windows. Selecting the right curtain rods is like adding jewelry to your room. It’s not a large element in your decoration, but it can have a tremendous impact. You don’t want to make a mistake—but how do you know what will look the best?

Tips for Choosing a Curtain Rod Color

There are many choices when it comes to curtain rod colors, including black curtain rods, gold curtain rods, brass curtain rods, and more. To decide which one will look best, you may want to start with the draperies themselves. It is a good idea to choose draperies and drapery hardware in tandem, because the curtain rod often drives the style of the curtains, and vice-versa.

Select a Curtain Rod Color That Matches Your Window Treatment

The new decade has ushered in a more relaxed, casual style in many homes. Neutral colors, minimal decoration, and simple window treatments may be exactly what you want. So, ask yourself: What color is the fabric? Are you selecting a neutral fabric to blend into the wall and keep the window low-key? Do you want to emphasize the view, rather than the draperies? You might want the curtain hardware to also blend in with the wall or match your draperies or the window trim.

Make Your Window A Statement Piece

There are some rooms or homes that are more formal and rely on antiques and handed-down elements to create a collected, lived-in look. In that case, you want your draperies and hardware to hold up in a room with strong elements. Perhaps you may even want an elaborate, dramatic curtain fabric to create a focal point in the room. In that case, equally elaborate, beautifully colored rods and finials will make a window your statement piece.

Keep it Simple

Lightweight, unlined white linen curtains would probably call for a lighter, simpler curtain rod, such as a Designer Metals Satin Nickel curtain rod, while dark silk curtains trimmed with fringe might look better with a 2” diameter mahogany or black wood rod.

The DRD Elemental Collection combines sophistication without a high price. In fact, these affordable curtain rods are made with the same quality as our other products. Choose your finial (ball, swirl, or endcap) in satin silver or antique brass. All hardware needed for installation is included (rod, finials, brackets, screws) so not only will you save money, you’ll save time as well.


Choose a Curtain Rod Color That Accents Any Metals in the Room

The rod can match or coordinate with other furniture, such as a chrome metal coffee table (see the Designer Metals collection in Polished Nickel). You may have dark wood floors (Wood Trends collection in Coffee) or a chandelier with gold accents (Designer Metals collection in Brushed Bronze). Your wrought-iron fireplace tools might be another inspiration (Wrought Iron collection in Black).

Popular Curtain Rods

While white wood curtain rods are a perennial favorite and always in style, you may want to try Wood Trends rods in Truffle (a gray-beige color) or Marble (ivory; just barely off-white). Gold curtain rods have also made a comeback.

Kirsch drapery hardware from Drapery Rods Direct offers a tremendous range of styles, sizes, and finishes to work with anything you like. Whatever your vision, our experienced Customer Service representatives can help you bring it to life. Give us a call at (800) 251-5009, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern time.

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