Tips for Shopping Curtain Rod Finials Online

When it comes to choosing curtain rod finials, where do you start? Fortunately, there are many options available to give your windows the exact look you are envisioning. Below we answer questions you may have about shopping for finials, including the different materials and styles you’ll find online.

What are Curtain Rod Finials?

Curtain rod finials are the decorative ends on a curtain rod. These accessories can be large or small, intricate or simple, wood or metal. If you are searching for a clean and professional look, consider shopping for end caps. These items offer a beautiful alternative to curtain rods without finials by gently filling in the ends of the rod.

Are Curtain Rod Finials Interchangeable?

All drapery hardware (including finials) should be bought from the same manufacturer and specific collection to ensure the pieces fit together correctly. As long as you buy finials from the same manufacturer’s collection, you should be able to keep the same rod and buy new finials of the same size/color in the future. However, it’s best to buy all brand new drapery hardware each time to be safe. This includes a rod, finials or end caps, brackets, rings, and other accessories.

How to Attach Curtain Rod Finials to Curtain Rods?

Curtain rod finials easily attach to curtain rods. Simply screw in the finials or end caps to the ends of the rod until they feel tight and secure. (Remember, righty tighty, lefty loosey!)

How to Buy Curtain Rod Finials

Whether you’re shopping for wooden finials, wrought iron finials, or even crystal finials for curtain rods, companies like Drapery Rods Direct offer a wide selection of quality products. The type of rod and finial you choose will affect your overall budget.

Select a Curtain Rods and Finials Budget

Wooden curtain rods are usually cheaper than metal or iron options. However, if you’re on an extremely strict budget, you can shop for cheap curtain rod finials like the ones featured in the DRD Elemental Collection. Be weary in shopping for cheap curtain rods though - you will be limited in the number of finial designs and finishes as compared to other drapery hardware collections.

Where to Buy Finials for Curtain Rods?

Since 1907, Kirsch has been manufacturing beautiful curtain rod applications including finials and other hardware. With more than a century of experience, there is no better choice for dressing up your windows. Below we cover some of the most popular Kirsch drapery hardware collections and what types of finials are offered in each.

Wood Curtain Rod Finials

For a traditional and charming look, consider wooden rods and finials. In Kirsch Wood Trends, you’ll find elegant shades of black, white, brown, oak, and khaki to match the other wooden furnishings in your home. One of the best advantages to shopping for wooden hardware is the option to buy unfinished wood finials for curtain rods. In choosing this finish option, you can paint your rods, finials, brackets and hardware the specific color you prefer.

1 ⅜ Inch Wooden Curtain Rod Finials

A common alternative to 1 inch curtain rod finials are 1 ⅜” sized rods and finials. With a slightly larger diameter, these rods work well for standard 8 foot ceilings. In the Kirsch 1 ⅜” Wood Trends Collection, you’ll find more than 10 intricately designed finials and a set of simple end caps. Additional hardware in the collection includes coordinating brackets, rings, and other accessories.

2 Inch Wooden Curtain Rod Finials

For ceilings taller than 8 feet, it’s best to use 2 inch curtain rod finials and other 2 inch sized hardware. With larger-sized hardware, you will better be able to fill the room up. Really tall rooms with small drapery hardware can look a bit awkward! The Kirsch 2” Wood Trends Collection offers the same finials and finish options as the 1 ⅜” category, just in a larger size.

Wood Curtain Rod Finial Colors

wood trends finials

A full list of curtain rod finial colors in Kirsch Wood Trends sorted from darkest to lightest include:

  • Black
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Mahogany
  • Truffle
  • Unfinished
  • Marble
  • White

Whitewood curtain rods and finials are a great option for a country cottage or beach house vibe. 

Designer Metal and Iron Curtain Rods and Finials

designer metals collection

Maybe your home uses more metal or iron accents than wood. In this case, you may want to shop for decorative metal curtain rods. Choose between modern curtain rod finials in Kirsch Designer Metals or more rustic curtain rod finials in Kirsch Wrought Iron.

1 ⅜ Inch Designer Metals Curtain Rod Finials

The Kirsch Designer Metals Collection features a variety of designer curtain rods and finials. With 14 unique and geometric finial options plus 3 different end cap styles in shiny shades of black, silver, gold, and brown, there is so much room for customization. Additionally, this collection includes a variety of hardware like ceiling brackets, double brackets, bypass brackets, and more. This is one of Kirsch’s most popular collections for creating extra-long curtain rods.

1 Inch Wrought Iron Curtain Rod Finials

wrought iron finials

If you prefer a bold, rustic, or farmhouse look, the wrought iron finials for curtain rods in the Kirsch Wrought Iron Collection will satisfy your taste. Blending old-world Spanish influences with modern touches creates a strong design that attracts the eye to your window. Stick with simple finials and end caps or choose one of the 6+ intricately designed curtain rod finials in black, rust, iron oxide, antique pewter, and iron gold.

Metal Curtain Rod Finial Colors

Kirsch decorative metal curtain rods are a great place for those looking for the following colored curtain rods. Try one of the listed finishes below for your windows:

  • Black finials for curtain rods - Black in Designer Metals or Wrought Iron.
  • Gold finials for curtain rods - Brushed Bronze and Gilded Bronze in Designer Metals. “Iron Gold” in Wrought Iron is black with gold finishes.
  • Bronze curtain rod finials - Brushed Bronze, Gilded Bronze and Caramel in Designer Metals.
  • Brushed nickel curtain rod finials - Satin Nickel and Polished Nickel in Designer Metals.

Decorative Finials for Curtain Rods

If you’re looking for a particular type of finial instead of a certain material or color, try shopping the curtain rods with decorative finials below. Popular in living areas, dining rooms, bedrooms, and more, these looks will transform your windows into the dream you’ve always imagined.

Square Finial for Curtain Rods

With its smooth, geometric shape, the Kirsch Designer Metals Square Endcap offers a modern and clean touch to your curtain rods. This square finial for curtain rods easily attaches to make a unique statement without drawing too much attention. It is available in glossy shades of black, bronze, nickel, silver, golds, and browns.

Keep It Simple with Black Curtain Rods and Finials

While there are several color options for curtain rod finials, sometimes a simple black makes the best statement. Black curtain rods match all home decor and are never out of style. Once you find black curtain rods and finials that match your personality, simply dress up your windows with new draperies when it’s time for a refresh.

The best part about black finials for curtain rods? They are available in just about every drapery hardware collection. So, whether you’re looking for wooden, metal, or wrought iron hardware, you’ll be sure to find a variety of curtain rod finials in black to complement your windows. For a super simple look, we suggest end caps instead of finials, but a black ball finial for curtain rods also offers a clean and modern look.

Dress It Up with Traverse Curtain Rods

As you can see, there are many items to consider before selecting finials for your curtain rods. However, finials are just one piece of the puzzle. Additional hardware such as brackets, rings, and a rod are needed as well. If you are going for an ultra-modern look, we recommend trying traverse curtain rods. Complete in your choice of wood or metal with a wide selection of finials, these drapery rods are just as functional as they are beautiful. Easily glide your curtains across the track as you wish, compared to traditional drapery hardware which is normally stationary.

Have Questions About Curtain Rod Finials?

Whether you’re looking for the best large finials for curtain rods, have a question about which color to use, or even how to install your product, contact our Help Center. We have a friendly support team available 9 am-5 pm eastern Monday through Friday to assist with ordering and installation. You can also email our team any time at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks and happy decorating!


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