How to Find the Perfect Curtain Rod for your Sliding Glass Door

It’s time to ditch old blinds for something better: a beautiful set of curtains for your sliding glass door. Not only do sliding glass door curtains provide much-needed privacy, but they can bring style, color, and patterns to any room. We’re here to help you find the perfect glass door curtain rod to help bring that vision to life. Curtain rods for sliding glass doors hold more power than you might think. They hold the weight of your curtains while adding to the decor on their own. There are many ways in which these rods can be set up for a different look. We’ll point them out as you look for the right one for your home or business setting.

What Size Rod for Sliding Glass Curtains?

To order the perfect curtain rod size for your sliding glass door, you’ll need measuring tape. Measure how wide the glass door frame is. You’ll want to add some inches to that measurement so that the curtains won’t “stack” in front of the glass, or bunch together on each side of the window when the curtains are opened. Drapery Rods Direct has recommended guidelines on how to measure for curtains and rods. For sheer curtains and valances, add 3 to 4 inches to your measurement. For frames up to 50”, add 10” and an additional 2” for every 10” of frame width.

Those are the basics on how to measure, but visualize a curtain rod that long and make sure it looks good to you before ordering. It should match what you envisioned for your sliding glass door. If you don't see a long enough rod choice on our website, don’t worry. By calling Drapery Rods Direct, we may be able to get you the right size through rod splices for metal rods and connector screws for wood rods.

Curtain Rod Ideas For Sliding Glass Door Using Size

These curtain ideas use creativity to make a room look even better through the use of different-sized curtain rods. One to be aware of is the benefits of an extra-long rod. Adding extra inches to the rod you would have ordered allows you to have curtains that won’t cover the sliding glass door at all while opened. When the curtains fold, they will be entirely in front of the wall so you have a full view of what’s happening outside. This also works great if your glass doors have joined windows on each side. The opened curtains will perfectly cover the side windows alone.

Another trend is to use curtains as decorations alone and not as privacy. Extra short rods called stump rods are placed on each side of the sliding glass door so they are mostly over the wall. These short rods give the illusion of opened curtains. Full rods can look dark over windows but this avoids that problem while allowing you to bring the beauty of curtains into a room. Rods this short are not available in selection at Drapery Rods Direct, but by calling us at 800-251-5009 they may be able to be custom cut.

How to Install Curtain Rods Over Sliding Glass Doors

There are procedures that must be followed in order to properly install curtain rods anywhere and they differ depending on the type of rod and where it’s being hung from. Generally, installing a rod over a sliding glass door will be no different from a window. Always first, make sure that you have the necessary parts and pieces which may include: the rod, brackets, screws, and more depending on the set. If you ordered finials, those should be there too. They can easily be attached by screwing into the ends of the rods or clipping them into place.

Aside from the basics of how to properly install the rods, you’ll need to make sure they are in the right place for the curtain style you were going for. Line them up exactly how you want before screwing in the brackets. They don’t have to go in the traditional position of right along the top of the window. You can instead put the rod a foot above the trim or close to the ceiling. You’ll need longer curtains, but this look is meant to give the allusion that the room is more spacious or taller. How and where you install a curtain rod over a sliding glass door can make a big difference. Experiment with various placements before you install any sliding glass door curtain rod brackets. A different look than you were thinking may just change the entire room for the better.

Every purchase from Drapery Rods Direct will include detailed installation instructions with your specific order. However, more help can always be found in our help center. There are FAQs, youtube videos, and customer representatives on the line. Be sure to use safe practices while installing a new curtain rod for your sliding glass door.

Sliding Glass Door Curtain Rod without Center Support

Every longer curtain rod will eventually need some support. It keeps curtains held straight and eliminates the risk of them collapsing or falling. Usually, the number of support brackets needed will depend on the weight of the draperies, the thickness of the rod, and what the rod is made of.

Here are the general support needs of rods offered by Drapery Rods Direct:

  • Traverse rods need support every 36-48 inches.
  • 1 ⅜” Wooden rods and 1 ⅜” Designer Metals can go 60 inches without support.
  • 2” Wood can go up to 96” and should have support brackets if high up.
  • Wrought iron can go up to 96” without support but is heavy so support is safer.
  • It’s safe to support every splice and joint on a rod.

Many sliding glass doors will be around 80” long, meaning that most curtain rods for large sliding glass doors will need center support. Support brackets can be more noticeable than end brackets when curtains are opened so it’s understandable why you may want a sliding glass door curtain rod without center support. However, if your curtain rods are long or your draperies are heavy, you may need support brackets anyways for safety and functionality reasons. Even so, don’t let it put a damper on your decorating. There are more options out there for you.

bypass brackets and c-rings

To avoid the support brackets, try using thicker rods made from a lighter material and thin curtains. Keeping as much weight as possible off the brackets will require less support brackets. Remember, the wrought iron rods and thicker 2” ones can go further without support as long as lots of weight isn’t on them.

The last option is only available if you are buying from the Kirsch Designer Metals Collection. When rods do need center support, there are special C-ring bypass brackets available that are lower profile. The brackets do not completely encircle the rod and with the c-rings, the curtains can effortlessly slide over the center bracket like it's not there. This is a great option when you have to have support but don’t want to notice it.

The Best Curtain Rods for Sliding Glass Doors

You’ll find that glass doors can work with various types of curtain rods and different rods are only new chances to spruce things up. Traditional rods are always nice but there are alternatives available. There is no best curtain rod for sliding glass doors, but one of the below choices could be best for you:

Heavy Duty Curtain Rods for Sliding Glass Doors

Heavy duty curtain rods are stronger than the average. They are generally thicker and heavier too. That’s why heavy duty curtain rods for sliding glass doors can ultimately make the look. Not only do they support plenty of weight, but a thicker rod can also look even better. They make a statement on their own by drawing attention to what they have to offer. Heavy duty rods can make any room bold. They carry more weight, go longer without support brackets, and will lift whatever curtains thrown their way while looking gorgeous.




Traverse Curtain Rods for Sliding Glass Doors

Decorative traverse curtain rods for sliding glass doors may look traditional but they are far from it. They appear to be a regular curtain rod but inside are small clips that move along a track. When opening and closing curtains, they will never be snagged. A pulley system keeps clips seamlessly moving across the rod how they should. Even these rods have plenty of customization options if you are interested in taking curtains to the next level.

Traverse rods are put in place the same way that traditional ones are and can work with many of the previously mentioned ideas. What they are best for is full and pleated curtains. Only certain types of curtains will work with them: pinch pleat draperies or ripplefold drapery. Traverse curtain rods are just as pretty as our traditional selection and the collection’s finials can still be attached to them. Pick this option if you want curtains that effortlessly roll along a track. You can even add a motor to it for curtains that open and close without being touched.

Try a Double Curtain Rod for your Sliding Glass Door

Double curtains aren’t only for windows. They can work wonderfully over your glass door as well. The two layers allow for more patterns and colors. You could also have sheer curtains that let light in underneath and decorative solid curtains on top for when you’d like more privacy. They allow for plenty of customization for your sliding glass doors with the chance to try two layers instead of one.

Double curtain rods can provide a traditional look or even act as traverse curtain rods for sliding glass doors. If you loved the idea of traverse rods and still wanted two layers of curtains then you don’t have to give either one up. For a traditional double curtain rod, simply select the double brackets of the corresponding collection. For double traverse rods, buy a decorative traverse rod with 6” wall mount brackets along with a superfine traverse rod that can also be found on our site. Any help with installing or ordering can be gained by calling 800-251-5009. The installation work is guaranteed to be worth the final product.

Drapes for Sliding Glass Doors

After finding the perfect curtain rod, it's time to find the best drapery for your sliding glass doors. Draperies for sliding glass doors are a great way to add privacy and style to any home. At Drapery Rods Direct, we have a variety of draperies and panels available, from simple panels to elegant sheers. When choosing a drapery for your sliding glass doors, it's important to consider the size and placement of the doors, as well as the amount of light you want to let in. Draperies can also be used to insulate your home, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Whether you're looking for a functional solution or a stylish statement, sliding glass curtains offer a versatile option for any home.

More Information on Curtain Rods for Sliding Glass Doors

The help center at Drapery Rods Direct has plenty of useful information from products to installation. There are instructional videos and additional assistance can be given by our customer representatives at 800-251-5009. If you’re interested in finding the right curtain rod for somewhere other than a sliding glass door, more can be read in the Ultimate Guide to Drapery Hardware.


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