What are the Different Types of Curtain Rods

What are the Different Types of Curtain Rods

Guide to Different Types of Curtain Rods

The right curtain rod can often make or break your space. But there are so many options, choosing just the right thing can be overwhelming! Every style and type of drapery rod brings a unique, decorative element to your home. Contemporary or traditional, farmhouse or transitional, there’s curtain hardware that will work with your style.

But Drapery Rods Direct can help! Following is a simple guide to help you navigate what’s out there and make the right choice for your space based on your needs and design preferences.

Traditional Curtain Rods

Your mother or grandmother probably had traditional traversing drapery rods, made of metal and controlled by a cord. These allow easy opening and closing of draperies and are designed to work with pinch-pleated curtains. They are utilitarian and do not add any type of design element. You can also get double traversing rods, to allow a sheer drapery on the rear rod next to the window, and decorative or blackout draperies on the front rod. Often they are covered by a valance either mounted on a board to cover the rods or hung on a second or third stationary rod out in front of the traversing rods. They come in kits that include mounting brackets, carriers, or slides, and usually a telescoping track that can be adjusted to fit a variety of window widths.

If your windows are very wide, traditional curtain rods can be extra long, but will likely need more brackets than a regularly sized curtain rod, for additional support.

Traditional rods allow the draperies to shine and do not add any decorative accents to your décor.

Decorative Curtain Rods

If you want to elevate the look of your windows, decorative curtain rods can add elegance, charm, or sleek modernity to your interior design. They surpass the utilitarian nature of traditional curtain rods to add an additional decorative element to your room, and can be used with a variety of drapery styles for functioning curtains or stationary panels. You can even purchase double decorative rods for light and privacy control. Decorative rods encompass a wide variety of curtain rods: very ornate wooden styles in elaborate finishes with fancy finials and rings, or you can go very modern with chrome metal and sleek, simple finials.

Decorative curtain rods are made to be seen. Consider them the jewelry of your room!

While there are many types of decorative rods and many materials used to create them, the two main curtain hardware types sold at Drapery Rods Direct are crafted from wood and metal.

Decorative Wood Curtain Rods

If you’re looking for wooden curtain rods, the Kirsch Wood Trends Collection comes in either a 1 ⅜-inch or a 2-inch diameter, and is one of the most versatile curtain rods on the market, with a variety of styles that will enhance nearly any decor. Wood finishes include both painted stained options and will create a classic, welcoming environment in your home.

Decorative Metal Curtain Rods

Metal curtain rods work well to achieve a polished look while also providing an elegant touch. When it comes to metal curtain rods, Kirsch supplies a variety of metal drapery hardware collections including Kirsch Designer Metals 1 3/8” diameter rods, Kirsch Wrought Iron 1” diameter rods, Orion custom-made rods in 1” and 1 ½” diameters, and the less-expensive 1” Elemental Collection. The Designer Metals and Wrought Iron curtain rods can be purchased as convenient sets.

Traverse Curtain Rods

Traverse curtain rods are used with draperies that are operated with a wand or cord. Drapery pin hooks are inserted into the top hem of the draperies and then hooked into sliding holders or carriers. One-way traverse rods allow you to move panels in only one direction and sweep the curtains to one side, while two-way traverse rods move panels away from the center and stack them on both sides of the window. Some decorative traverse rods have faux rings attached to the carriers, which are visible even when the draperies are closed.

The great advantage of traversing rods is the ease of operation. You get the beauty and distinction of a decorative rod with the functionality of a traditional traverse rod. The custom-made Kirsch Estate Decorative Traverse Rod Collection is available in all Wood Trends and Designer Metals finishes to enhance any decorating scheme, in both 1 3/8” and 2” diameters.

Motorized Curtain Rods

With motorized curtain rods, you get the look of a traverse rod but the added bonus of a wireless remote, giving you complete control over the movement of your curtains from anywhere in the room. This option is perfect for windows that are very tall or wide and difficult to reach. Motorized curtain rods add luxury to any room and can even be used in a home theater setting. There’s no bulky, distracting motor housing as with motorized curtain rods of the past. Instead, an ultra-slim, powerful motor is discreetly tucked behind your drapery panels, allowing you to open and close the curtains at the touch of a button. All Kirsch custom-made Estate and Architrac drapery rods can be motorized with the AMP motorization system. You can even purchase a USB bridge to allow operation from your smartphone or tablet.

Drapery Rods Direct also offers the Somfy motorization system, which has two levels of power and is excellent for especially large window walls and double-height windows.

Continental Curtain Rods

Continental II curtain rods are the wider alternative to the standard rod-pocket curtain rod, typically with a flat face of 2 ½”. They are used for stationary rod-pocket panels or valances. Compared to other curtain hardware types, these rods provide a more substantial look and offer more support than smaller, flimsier rods.

Kirsch Continental Rods are easy to install, perform remarkably well, and last for years. They come in a variety of styles including options for deeper valances, bay windows, and corners. Continental II rods can be added together to achieve very long, custom sizes. There is also a spring pressure option that is designed to be mounted between two facing walls. The Spring Pressure rod is easy to install and creates a professional-looking finish to your window.

Double Curtain Rods

Because they allow for more options in privacy and light control, double curtain rods are a popular choice for unique and expressive decorating. Double curtain rods can be used with a more decorative drapery on top of a sheer curtain to provide both style and functionality.

Drapery Rods Direct offers a large selection of double curtain rods in a variety of finishes including metal and wood options. Additionally, there are many different curtain hardware types to complete your look such as traditional and contemporary finials. Double curtain rods are compatible with a wide range of curtains including simple-to-install grommet curtains. Double curtain rods can be created with most types of rods from standard to traverse. To create exactly the look you want, contact our experienced consultants before ordering.

Corner Curtain Rods

It’s common to be stumped when trying to figure out how to decorate an unusual window arrangement. Fortunately, corner curtain rods often provide the perfect solution. This type of curtain rod is two regular curtain rods that are connected with a special joint, which allows you to customize the rods to fit specifically into the angle of your windows.

Kirsch Wood Trends, Designer Metals, and Wrought Iron Collections have a unique connector called a swivel socket that works to join two rods at any angle between 90 and 180 degrees. This means that no matter how your windows are positioned in relation to each other, you can have the drapery design of your dreams.

Ceiling Mounted Curtain Rods

Sometimes it is simply not possible or ideal to mount drapery rods on the wall above the windows. Oftentimes, this is due to existing blinds or curtains not leaving enough space, or floor-to-ceiling windows that don’t allow for draperies to be installed in a traditional manner. To solve this common problem, Kirsch has stylish ceiling mount brackets available in both Wood Trends and Designer Metals collections. You can also ceiling mount traditional Superfine and Architrac traverse rods.

With ceiling-mounted draperies, lack of space does not have to stop you from creating the living environment you have in mind. Simply purchase ceiling-mount brackets that match the rod and finials of your choice.

Shop Different Types of Curtain Rods at Drapery Rods Direct

No matter your style or preferences, Drapery Rods Direct has the curtain rod type for you! For any questions you may have about curtain rods and hardware types, you can visit our help center or by giving us a call at 800-251-5009. Our experienced customer service representatives are available to help you every step of the way, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time.

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