Why Should You Use Heavy Duty Drapery Rods?

There are many benefits to using heavy duty drapery rods over regular curtain rods. When you are dealing with curtains of a heavier fabric, these types of drapery rods can really come in handy. You may not even be aware that your regular curtain rod is not made to hold up your heavier materials until it’s too late. When shopping for curtain rods for your window treatments, it’s always a good idea to consult with a drapery rod expert before making the final purchase. A professional in the industry will be able to advise you on the best heavy duty drapery rods for your situation.

Best Uses for Heavy Duty Drapery Rods

Heavy duty drapery rods can be used in both residential and commercial settings. For example: new parents will invest in blackout curtains for their nurseries, but will overlook the drapery hardware needed to hold up these window treatments. These heavier curtains are best paired with durable heavy duty drapery rods.

In commercial areas like ballrooms, theatres, and hotels, these high-ceilinged buildings need drapery hardware that can handle the weight of their tall curtains. Heavy duty drapery rods are perfect when looking for an industrial curtain rod application. Finding a decorative curtain rod to add a flair of elegance to your commercial space can be difficult, especially when you’re shopping for an item that is just as functional as it is ornamental. At Drapery Rods Direct, we have a wide range of heavy-duty drapery rods in a variety of styles to suit the tone of your space. Our drapery rod experts can help you find the best curtain rods for your heavy curtains.

Different Types of Heavy Duty Drapery Rods

In this extensive industry, there is a drapery rod for every situation. Drapery Rods Direct is a proud carrier of the well-known Kirsch brand. Our heavy duty drapery rods come in a variety of materials and finishes to add flair and functionality to your space. See below for a selection of our best curtain rods, perfect for heavy curtains:

Heavy Duty Baton-Draw Rods

Our Kirsch Architrac 94003 Baton-Draw Rod is a custom-made heavy duty drapery rod that is built with your curtains in mind. This custom curtain hardware is made of Aluminum and is available in a variety of finishes, including White, Anodized Aluminum, Bronze, and Black. We ship the fully assembled heavy duty drapery rod right to your door, so all you have to worry about is installation.

Heavy Duty Cord-Draw Rods

Like the Kirsch Architrac Baton-Draw Rod, our custom-made Kirsch Architrac 94001 Cord-Draw Rod is made of durable materials with a variety of finishes to choose from. This cord-draw rod can be used in a split draw, left draw, and right draw fashion when opening and closing your heavy draperies.

Heavy Duty Traverse Drapery Rods

Our traverse drapery rods are just as functional as they are decorative. With metal and wood materials to choose from, Drapery Rods Direct provides heavy duty traverse rods for any space. Traverse rods make for ultimate convenience when opening and closing your draperies. The mechanism inside the rod itself allows for smoother movement that requires minimal effort when moving your curtains.

Heavy Duty Drapery Rod Brackets

When shopping for brackets for your heavy duty drapery rods, shop our decorative drapery hardware and accessories. Drapery Rods Direct carries replacement parts to commonly lost and/or broken window treatment pieces. With a variety of wood and metal drapery rod accessories, you can find the style that perfectly matches your current heavy duty drapery rods. If you are having trouble finding brackets or other hardware pieces for your draperies, don’t hesitate to call on Drapery Rods Direct for assistance.

Find the Best Heavy Duty Drapery Rods For Your Needs

Our team of heavy duty drapery rod experts is here to help you find the perfect window treatment for your space. At Drapery Rods Direct, our decorative and durable curtain hardware has been enjoyed by homeowners and businesses alike for years. For the best heavy duty drapery hardware, we recommend our Kirsch Architrac Rods. Find all of your window treatment needs with Drapery Rods Direct. 1-800-251-5009

Frequently Asked Questions about Heavy Duty Drapery Rods

Where can I find blackout heavy duty drapery rods?

When looking for heavy duty drapery rods for your blackout curtains, Drapery Rods Direct has a wide variety of hardware to choose from. Shop our Kirsch Architrac Rods today!

Are there heavy duty Kirsch traverse drapery rods?

Drapery Rods Direct carries the most stylish and functional traverse drapery rods that can handle the weight of taller and thicker draperies. Shop our wood and metal rods today!

What are the benefits of heavy duty drapery rods?

Heavy duty drapery rods can be used in specific circumstances when you are handling taller or heavier curtains. Blackout curtains, as well as high-ceilinged curtains, are both better suited for heavy duty drapery rods.

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