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Kirsch Superfine Traverse Drapery Rods

Kirsch Superfine Traverse Drapery Rods

Basic white metal Kirsch Superfine Traverse Rods are the standard by which all other traverse rods are measured. With few changes, this traverse curtain rod has been the industry workhorse for over 40 years.

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From the How to Center

What is a traverse rod?

Kirsch Traverse Rods A traverse rod is controlled by a cord system or batons at the leading edge of each curtain section. Carriers run along a track in the back of the rod. Supports are constructed so as not to interfere with the movement of the carriers...

Can I ceiling-mount a traverse rod?

Yes! We have an online tutorial that show exactly how to do this.

These rods are easy to work with; the cord and slides are easily replaceable, and they are capable of carrying fairly heavy draperies and curtains. (Shop Kirsch Architrac for heavy duty curtain rods.) Each Kirsch Superfine Traverse Rod comes with all necessary installation hardware and a cord tension device. Though they aren’t decorative and finials can’t be added, Superfine basic Traverse Rods are reliable and useful for many applications.

If you want a sheer or blackout layer under your decorative draperies, Superfine Traverse Rods can be used to create a double traverse system. To do this, select two identical Superfine Traverse Rod and double end brackets and center supports. You can also use a Decorative Traverse Rod in front of a Superfine rod by selecting a double (6" return) bracket when you build your order for your Decorative Traverse Rod.

Wondering about how to measure for your Kirsch Drapery Hardware? Visit our How to Measure page for helpful information.

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Available Finishes: White