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double curtain rods

Tips for Buying Double Curtain Rods

creating long curtain rodsUsing two layers of curtains on your windows adds depth, making the room feel larger. Instead of adding two different curtain rods to your windows, try double curtain rods. Double curtain rods are the best way to create a layered effect, giving a distinct and put-together look. Select a thin, lightweight curtain to go against the window and a more heavier material to be placed at the front.

Once you have selected your curtains, you can start shopping for double curtain rods and hardware. Knowing what your curtains look like will help you choose the right color, design, and finials or end caps. Learn what the installation process looks like and view our other tips and double curtain rod ideas below.

how to install curtain rods


How to Install Double Curtain Rods

At a minimum, you will need to buy two rods, two pairs of finials or end caps (we recommend end caps for the back rod and finials for the front or two pairs of end caps), two double curtain rod brackets, and two sets of rings from the same size, color and collection to create a functional and beautiful double curtain rod.

Installing double curtain rods is actually pretty simple. Just like installing single curtain rods, all you need is a level, punch awl, screwdriver, and possibly a drill. The first step to installation is knowing where to place your brackets. Make sure you understand your wall’s composition (drywall, plaster wall, etc) in case you need other accessories like wall anchors. The double curtain rods you purchase should have instructions, but sometimes hiring a professional for installation is the best option.

Double Curtain Rod Bracket Quick Hanging Guide

  1. Hang the first double curtain rod bracket at the desired location, about 4-6 inches wider than your window. Use a level to make sure it is even. 
  2. Affix the second bracket at the other end of the window in the same manner.
  3. Screw-in the set screws to secure the brackets in place.
  4. Slide on the rings, placing them onto the front rod first and then the back rod. Make sure you have an equal number of rings on each side of the window.
  5. On the front rod, attach one end cap and one finial. Do not attach anything to the back rod.
  6. Hang your hope this quick guide was helpful in choosing the right double curtain rods! Read on to gain more insights.

Double Curtain Rod Brackets

All types of curtain rod brackets should only be placed on the window frame as a last resort, including double curtain rod brackets. Try to place your brackets at least four inches above the window frame. This will make the windows look taller and the room feel larger. When deciding where to place your brackets for the ends of the rod, consider the type of draperies you have and how much of the window you want shown when the draperies are open. Also, consider how long your rod is and how that plays into the spacing of your brackets. With double curtain rods, extra space is helpful since you are working with two layers of curtains. Measure twice (or more!) to be sure your brackets are spaced where you want them.

double curtain rod bracketsUse a pencil to make light marks on the wall where you want the brackets placed. Next, carefully screw the brackets into place and use a leveling tool to make sure the brackets are perfectly level. This ensures the brackets can hold the rod and curtains correctly.

Adjustable double curtain rod brackets give you some flexibility for the space between the wall and the center of the curtain rods. However, many double curtain rod brackets have a standard “return” for the inner and outer curtain rod.






Double Curtain Rod Hardware

Once your brackets are safely and securely installed, add your rings to the rods, and connect the curtains to the ring clips. Next, screw in your finials or end caps on each side of the curtain rods. You may need finial plugs for this. Once the decorative ends are added to the rods, carefully place the rod on the brackets. Loosely hang the curtains to make sure they fit and drape correctly. If they need a little adjustment, now is the time to make those changes before tightening everything into place.



Long Double Curtain Rods

Have wide windows and are looking for long double curtain rods? When shopping online for curtain rods, the options are endless. Find all the hardware you need for decorative double curtain rods in the Kirsch Designer Metals, Wrought Iron, and Wood Trends Collections at Drapery Rods Direct.

Designer Metal Long Double Curtain Rods

The Kirsch Designer Metals Stationary Pole comes in a variety of size options to meet your window’s needs. Choose between a fixed width, seven feet nine inches wide rod or a telescopic rod. Telescopic rods can be adjusted to the specific size you want. The longer the rod, the more brackets you will need. When shopping for double curtain rods in the Designer Metals Collection, choose between one of the following sizes available in seven different colors:

  • 38” - 66” Wide (Three Feet Two Inches to Five Feet Six Inches Wide)
    • Up to 3 Brackets Recommended
  • 66” - 120” Wide (Five Feet Six Inches to Ten Feet Wide)
    • Up to 4 Brackets Recommended
  • 120” - 180” Wide (Ten Feet to Fifteen Feet Wide)
    • Up to 6 Brackets Recommended
designer metals internal rod splice

If you need a double curtain rod longer than the options above, you can create an extra long double curtain rod by joining two separate rods with a coordinating Designer Metals internal rod splice. You’ll need to do this for both sets of rods and should also place a supporting double curtain rod bracket

Wrought Iron Long Double Curtain Rods

wrought iron internal splice

The Kirsch Wrought Iron Curtain Rod comes in two different size options, six feet wide or seven feet nine inches wide. If a smaller size is needed, the rod can be cut to size by the customer. If a longer size is needed, similar to the Designer Metals Collection, you can join two rods together with the Wrought Iron Internal splice. You should join both sets of rods together with the internal splice and place a double curtain rod bracket on the wall where the rods connect.


Wooden Long Double Curtain Rods

Wooden curtain rods also make for great long double curtain rod installations. The Kirsch Wood Trends Pole comes in the following sizes, available in eight colors and a fluted or smooth style.

Kirsch 1 ⅜ Inch Wood Trends Collection

  • 1 ⅜” diameter (Length options are Four Feet, Six Feet, Seven Feet Nine Inches, or 12 Feet)

Kirsch 2 Inch Wood Trends Collection

  • 2” diameter (Length options are Four Feet, Six Feet, Seven Feet Nine Inches, or 12 Feet)
wood pole connector screw The poles can be cut to size by the customer if needed or joined together with a wood pole connector screw for longer lengths.  When rods are joined together with the internal screw, use a double curtain rod bracket on the wall where the rods connect for extra support

Ceiling Mount Double Curtain Rods

wrought iron internal splice

Another option for double curtain rods is mounting them from the ceiling. This is common for very tall windows when there is not enough room between the window frame and the ceiling. Ceiling mount double curtain rods can also be used in open-air studios to act as privacy curtains.

The hardware you’ll need for this application is the same as wall-mounted curtain rods, except this time you’ll need ceiling mount double curtain rod brackets. Everything you need for ceiling mount double curtain rods can be found in the Designer Metals Collection at Drapery Rods Direct. This collection features a modern and sophisticated style perfect for various spaces.






Double Curtain Rod Styles

If your home has a certain design aesthetic, you can shop double curtain rods by style. Below we list a few popular styles and tips on choosing the right finial or end cap.

Modern Double Curtain Rods

Create a sleek and modern look with designer metal double curtain rods. In addition to black curtain rods, this collection features other glossy finishes in gold, bronze, nickel, and silver. You are sure to find a color that matches the other metals throughout your home. Additionally, the 17 different finials/endcaps allow you to create the true designer rod you’ve always imagined.

We recommend endcaps for the back curtain rod and decorative finials for the front curtain rod. Or, for a more simple look, use endcaps for both rods. Be sure your metal curtain rods, metal curtain rod rings, and decorative double brackets or standard double brackets are all available in the color you like before making any purchases.


Modern, Metal Endcaps:

round endcap

Round Endcap - a smooth circular endcap that acts as an extension of the rod

rao endcap

Rao Endcap - a thin, circular endcap with grooves and an inward-facing edge

square endcap

Square Endcap - a smooth, square cube that gives a modern, geometric look

Modern Metal Finials

corsa finials

Corsa Finial - a thin and simple circle design with grooved edges

pandora finial

Pandora Finial - a simple round ball design with grooves at the base

garland finial

Garland Finial - a stunning design with a colored base and a smooth, clear glass-like top

startta finial

Stratta Finial - a thin, oval-shaped design with raised corners

anubis finial

Anubis Finial - a rounded square finial with a raised center and multiple grooves



Farmhouse Double Curtain Rods

If farmhouse is your style, you can give your home a bold, old-world feel with wrought iron double curtain rods. With natural colors of black, rust, iron oxide, antique pewter, and iron gold, you are sure to create the perfect farmhouse double curtain rod for your space. Included in the Kirsch Wrought Iron Collection are 11 finial/endcap choices.

For the best farmhouse look, we suggest endcaps for the back rod and decorative finials for the front. This ensures the decorative finials are visible, and the back rod is not distracting. For a more simple farmhouse look, you can use endcaps for both rods. Be sure your wrought iron curtain rods, double wrought iron brackets, and wrought iron rings are all available in the color you like before making any purchases.


Farmhouse Wrought Iron Endcaps

wrought iron endcap Wrought Iron End Cap - a simple rounded endcap with smooth, textured grooves

Farmhouse Wrought Iron Finials

petite modern ball finial

Petite Modern Ball Finial - a small round ball design with grooves at the base

pedestal ball finials

Pedestal Ball Finial - a round ball design with textured grooves at the base

petite faucet finial

Petite Faucet Finial - a small, simple yet decorative cube-like design

beveled brick finial

Beveled Brick Finial - a rectangular-shaped finial with bevels in the center of each side


curtain rod coupon


Classic Double Curtain Rods

Perhaps the most traditional curtain rod style, you can’t go wrong with the classic, charming look of a wood double curtain rod. Neutral color options include mahogany, marble, dark chocolate, coffee, and truffle, while solid black or white colorways make a statement in any room. In the Kirsch Wood Trends Collection, there are 12 finial and endcap styles to choose from, from the most basic styles to ornately carved designs that will add a subtle but sophisticated flair to your drapery setup. 

When hanging double curtain rods, we recommend using a simple endcap for the rod closest to the wall, as it will likely be much less visible than the front curtain rod, which is ripe real estate for a decorative finial. This will also help keep the curtain hardware from looking too cluttered or busy. You can always use endcaps for both the front and back curtain rods if you want the attention to be on the drapery itself, rather than the hardware. Also, remember to check if the wood curtain rods, double wooden brackets, and wood rings are also available in the same color and size before you make a purchase, as the wood curtain rods come in both 2” and 1 ⅜” diameter options.  

Classic Wood Endcaps

wood trends endcap 1 ⅜ Inch or 2 Inch Wood Trends Endcap - a smooth, circular endcap with a flat end for a simple finish

Classical Wood Finials

ethan finial

1 ⅜ Inch or 2 Inch Ethan Finial - an understated, rounded ball design with a smooth base

hugo finial

1 ⅜ Inch or 2 Inch Hugo Finial - a slightly elevated version of the traditional endcap, with a concave center and smooth, slanted edges

miller truffle finial

1 ⅜ Inch or 2 Inch Miller Finial - a deep groove in the middle gives this finial its characteristic style 

bottle cap like finial

1 ⅜ Inch or 2 Inch Warren Finial - a small, round, bottlecap-like final with a small button accent in the center

ball finial

1 ⅜ Inch or 2 Inch Wood Ball Finial - a classic, completely round ball shape

sherwood finial

1 ⅜ Inch or 2 Inch Sherwood Finial - a bishop-shaped finial with smooth grooves at the base

chaucer wood finial

1 ⅜ Inch or 2 Inch Chaucer Finial - a distinctive Saturn-like shape with a raised ring around a smooth ball, and grooves at the base

button ball finial

1 ⅜ Inch or 2 Inch Button Ball Finial - a step above a classic ball, with an added button flair at the end

Heavy Duty Double Curtain Rods

For heavy-duty double curtain rods, you have several options. You can shop Wrought Iron, which is strong and durable, Traverse Rods, which have a more functional design, or you can shop Architrac Rods.

heavy duty curtain rods

Architrac Rods are the industry standard for heavy-duty curtain rods. In fact, you’ve probably seen them in hotels and other commercial establishments. Available in cord-draw or baton-draw options, simply select double rod wall mount brackets to order your heavy-duty double curtain rod. You’ll have many other options with Architrac rods to create a custom curtain rod application.




curtain rod colors



Shop Double Curtain Rods by Color

Looking for a specific double curtain rod color? Below we list popular color choices and each collection featuring that color. Product availability can change due to high demand. Before settling on a color, make sure all hardware (rods, brackets, finials, rings, etc) are available in your color choice. Have questions? Give us a call at 800-251-5009 to learn more about our products’ color options.

Black Double Curtain Rods

  • Designer Metals
  • Designer Metals Traverse Rods
  • Wrought Iron
  • Wood Trends
  • Architrac

White Double Curtain Rods

  • Wood Trends
  • Architrac

Gold Double Curtain Rods

Gold-like colors can be found in the following:

  • Designer Metals - Brushed Bronze, Gilded Bronze
  • Designer Metals Traverse Rods - Brushed Bronze, Gilded Bronze
  • Wrought Iron - Iron Gold (Black with Gold Touches)

Bronze Double Curtain Rods

Oil rubbed bronze double curtain rods and other bronze-like colors can be found in the following:

  • Designer Metals - Oil Rubbed Bronze, Caramel, Brushed Bronze, Gilded Bronze
  • Designer Metals Traverse Rods - Oil Rubbed Bronze, Caramel, Brushed Bronze, Gilded Bronze
  • Wrought Iron - Rust, Iron Oxide
  • Architrac - Bronze

Brushed Nickel & Silver Double Curtain Rods

Searching for a silver double curtain rod or brushed nickel double curtain rod? Various nickel and silver colors are available in:

  • Designer Metals - Antique Silver, Satin Nickel, Polished Nickel
  • Designer Metals Traverse Rods - Antique Silver, Satin Nickel
  • Wrought Iron - Antique Pewter
  • Architrac - Anodized Aluminum


Shop Designer Metals Shop Wood Trends
Shop Wrought Iron Shop Architrac


Double Corner Curtain Rods

designer metals swivel socket

For bay windows or other corner windows, you don’t have to settle for basic designs. In fact, many of the best double curtain rods for corners are designed with metal, wood, or wrought iron. All you need is your standard hardware (stationary rods, double brackets, finials, rings) along with a swivel socket at each corner.

swivel socket

The Designer Metals Swivel Socket, Wrought Iron Swivel Socket, and Wood Trends Swivel Socket are easy to install and fully adjustable. Rotating from flat to ninety degrees, you can achieve the angle your windows need. Note that you will need a double curtain rod bracket at each end of EACH set of rods, and possibly center supports as well when installing a corner window double curtain rod. Note also that the Wood Trends swivel socket is available for rods  1 ⅜” and 2" in diameter.

Bay Window Double Curtain Rods

As mentioned above, you can use swivel sockets in the Kirsch Designer Metals, Wrought Iron, and Wood Trends collections to create double corner curtain rods, including bay window double curtain rods. Our ultimate guide to bay window curtain rods discusses more in-depth how you can add a decorative look to your windows with decorative drapery hardware.

Questions about Double Curtain Rods?

We hope our tips on how to shop for double curtain rods have pointed you in the right direction. However, if you still have questions, you can talk to one of our curtain rod experts by email or phone Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm EST. You can reach us at or 800-251-5009. We look forward to hearing from you and making your double curtain rod ideas come to life.