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farmhouse curtain rods

2021 Guide to Farmhouse Curtain Rods

Whether you’ve recently purchased a new home or are just wanting a new look, with natural materials like wood and steel, farmhouse homes are simple, warm, and welcoming. To ensure your home’s vision is completed throughout the house, you’ll need farmhouse style decor from the kitchen to the master bath and everywhere in between! If you aren’t quite sure what kind of farmhouse curtain rods you need, let our curtain rod experts walk you through the process.

Why Choose Farmhouse Curtain Rods?

Why should you choose farmhouse curtain rods? The answer is simple: You want your window treatments to match the rest of your home’s style. Windows are often the focal points of rooms, and with the right style and color, including your favorite draperies, you can make a big statement with farmhouse curtains and rods.

The Best Places to Find Curtain Rods for a Modern Farmhouse

Although you can buy curtain rods at department stores, if you truly want a designer look in your home, you should buy drapery rods from leaders in the industry. As an exclusive online retailer of Kirsch drapery hardware, Drapery Rods Direct offers a variety of solutions for modern farmhouse curtain rods. Our wrought iron curtain rods are a great place to start, and our customer service center is available 9am-5pm EST Monday through Friday. Should you have any questions, just call 800-251-5009.

Farmhouse Curtain Rod Ideas

For inspiration on what type of curtain rods may work best for your home, consider our tips below. While the best option will depend primarily on your preference, you can find farmhouse curtain rod ideas by looking at color choices, styles, or the specific room of your home.

Browse Farmhouse Window Curtain Rods by Color

When shopping our wrought iron collection, you’ll find curtain rod poles, finials, brackets and other hardware available in several distinct colors. Purchase all the needed hardware in the same color to ensure your window treatment matches entirely.

Black Farmhouse Curtain Rods


black farmhouse curtain rods

Black farmhouse curtain rods are the most popular, as they match many applications. If your home has farmhouse doors or other decor with black metal accents, black wrought iron curtain rods will complement your space. A great reason to choose black curtain rods is you can change your curtains or draperies each season. It will match no matter what color your curtains are.

Bronze Farmhouse Curtain Rods

Bronze-colored farmhouse curtain rods are less “heavy” looking than black. The only downside to bronze-colored curtain hardware is that it is more difficult to find matching lighting, shelving, and accent pieces. To best match the other metals in your home, bronze-like wrought iron colors are available in Rust, Iron Oxide, and Iron Gold.

Grey Farmhouse Curtain Rods

If you have opted for an out of the ordinary farmhouse style, grey wrought iron curtain rods are a great choice. The neutral color is subtle and matches well with other colors. Grey farmhouse curtain rods are perfect for those who want a light and airy look in the home. Our Antique Pewter is a beautiful choice.

Browse Farmhouse Window Curtain Rods by Style

Drapery Rods Direct has a unique selection of Kirsch Wrought Iron curtain hardware to help you create the farmhouse windows you’ve always imagined. While the poles, brackets, and rings are standard (in your color choice, of course), finials or end caps are used to create a look as simple or as decorative as you’d like. Each of the items below are offered in black, rust, iron oxide, iron gold, and antique pewter.

Distressed Farmhouse Curtain Rods

wrought iron beveled brick finial As the farmhouse trend surges, the search for distressed farmhouse curtain rods does, too. They are a popular choice as they offer a more relaxed atmosphere. Beautifully crafted with a ‘worn in’ feel, distressed finials such as the wrought iron beveled brick or wrought iron pedestal ball match other distressed metal hardware in the home.
iron pedestal ball finial  

As the farmhouse trend surges, the search for distressed farmhouse curtain rods does, too. They are a popular choice as they offer a more relaxed atmosphere. Beautifully crafted with a ‘worn in’ feel, distressed finials such as the wrought iron beveled brick or wrought iron pedestal ball match other distressed metal hardware in the home.


Rustic Farmhouse Curtain Rods

rustic finials


Homes that follow rustic styles combine pieces made with raw materials such as iron, brass, stone and wood. Rustic farmhouse blends comfort and luxury, creating a welcoming yet sophisticated vibe. When it comes to rustic farmhouse curtain rods, you can choose a simple or intricate design.

iron petite faucet finial

It’s important to find a curtain rod style that complements your space. Two of our favorites, the wrought iron petite faucet finial provides a textured and simple farmhouse look while the wrought iron crown palace finial suggests a more complex yet stunning design.

Vintage Farmhouse Curtain rods

vintage farmhouse The vintage farmhouse style provides a classic farmhouse look that features originally styled lighting, cabinetry, furniture and appliances from the early farmhouse period. Modern farmhouse on the other hand, uses a mix of old and new, such as stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.
bird cage finial If you are creating a vintage-style farmhouse, try our wrought iron leaf scroll finial or wrought iron bird cage finial. Both are manufactured with a high attention to detail and have a classic look that will take you back in time. These vintage farmhouse curtain rods embrace comfort, elegance, and authenticity and look great in kitchens, bedrooms, and living areas.

Farmhouse Style Curtain Rods for Every Room of Your Home

Redesigning your entire home can take months. If you are on a budget, we suggest working on one room at a time. Learn what styles work best for different parts of the home, including kitchens, bay windows, living spaces, bedrooms and more.

Farmhouse Kitchen Curtain Rods

Your kitchen should feel warm and inviting. However, between preparing meals and hosting gatherings, it’s easy for the kitchen to feel cluttered. If your home does not have a large pantry or ample storage space a farmhouse kitchen can seem a bit intimidating. The farmhouse style features a minimalist look with just a few accent pieces.

Luckily, with a large sink, updated lighting, and simple farmhouse kitchen curtain rods, such as the Kirsch wrought iron end cap, you can get the look you want. Simple is always better in the kitchen, as you can easily switch out your accessories to match the theme of your home as it changes from season to season.

End caps are smaller than finials and are a great choice when you have a limited window space, such as the common window above the sink between your cabinetry. End caps offer a sleek and modern appearance that do not draw too much attention to themselves. Finials, on the other hand, provide a decorative, polished look to your windows. Wrought iron finials are a perfect solution for farmhouse dining rooms.

Farmhouse Bay Window Curtain Rods

If your home has a bay window, whether in the kitchen, dining room, or other part of the house, it can be difficult finding the right hardware to create the farmhouse bay window you’ve been dreaming of for years. Luckily, in a previous blog, our curtain rod experts have laid out everything you need to create a decorative bay window curtain rod. Here, you’ll learn how to measure for your curtain rods, the different hardware needed, and tips for choosing your draperies. For a true farmhouse look, remember to shop Wrought Iron.

Farmhouse Window Curtain Rods for Living Spaces and Bedrooms

Living spaces and bedrooms can be as comfortable or formal or as you’d like. A good tip when deciding what type of farmhouse window curtain rods you want is to look at the current metals you’re using or plan to use in your furniture, lighting, and other fixtures. What colors or textures do you see? Smooth or distressed? Contemporary or intricate designs? A light or heavy feeling? Understanding the designs you like in other parts of your room will help you decide on the right window treatment.

One of our more popular choices for formal settings is the Kirsch wrought iron acanthus arrow finial. Its stunning and beautiful design is available in black, rust, iron oxide, iron gold, and antique pewter. The different color choices ensures your window treatment will match the other metals in your home. The attention to detail and elegance will surely draw attention to your windows and should be matched with draperies of the same manner.

Of course, if you’re looking for a more relaxed farmhouse style for your living room and bedrooms, you can shop simple designs, such as the pedestal ball finial, petite modern ball finial, or petite faucet finial. Each provides a classic look with a modern touch to create a strong design aesthetic without being too overbearing.


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Shop Farmhouse Collection Curtain Rods

When shopping for curtain rods, you’ll need not only a curtain rod, but finials, brackets, rings, and possibly other accessories as well. You can shop farmhouse curtain rods by browsing our wrought iron curtain rods collection. Each piece of hardware fits seamlessly together and most are available in five colors: black, rust, iron oxide, iron gold and antique pewter.

Farmhouse Curtain Rod Hardware

To convert your home’s current curtain rods to a farmhouse style, you’ll need to buy all new curtain rod hardware. Many pieces go together to ensure curtains and draperies not only look their best, but can be utilized properly. Learn more about the different farmhouse curtain rod hardware pieces below and how they all work.

Farmhouse Curtain Rod Finials

Finials are the decorative pieces that go on each end of a curtain rod. They are the primary element you will select to give your windows the farmhouse look you desire. If you are looking for a more subtle design, you can use end caps instead.

Farmhouse Curtain Rod Brackets

Curtain rod brackets are the pieces that are connected to the wall and provide support for the other hardware. You’ll need at least two brackets to hold your curtain rod, with additional brackets where splices or swivel sockets are used. Wrought iron brackets are strong, but the rods are heavy, so you may want to use more brackets than suggested. Kirsch wrought iron return brackets come in 3 ½ inch, 5 ⅜ inch and 7 ½ inch sizes, giving you options for spacing between the wall and your draperies. You can use bypass brackets and bypass c-rings for the middle of your windows if you’d like. Double brackets are also available if you’d like to create a layered farmhouse curtain look.

Other Farmhouse Curtain Rod Accessories

In addition to your wrought iron pole, finials, and brackets, you will need to buy matching rings. Kirsch wrought iron drapery rings come with clips to hold your draperies. These four items are the basic hardware components you’ll need for your windows.

However, to complete the farmhouse window treatment you’re envisioning, you may need a few accessories. Batons can be used to open and close your draperies easier. Holdbacks can be placed on your walls to hold your draperies, creating a clean and simple look. If you are adding curtain rods to a unique window or application, you may need to purchase accessories like inside mount sockets, swivel sockets, splices and finial plugs. If you aren’t sure exactly what products you need, feel free to contact our customer service at 800-251-5009, available Monday through Friday 9am-5pm eastern.

Farmhouse Double Curtain Rods

Farmhouse double curtain rods can be assembled quite easily. Instead of the standard brackets, just use wrought iron double brackets. These brackets have spaces for two Kirsch wrought iron poles and coordinate with all other Kirsch wrought iron drapery hardware. When choosing finials for your double curtain rods, we suggest using either four of the same finials or one pair of decorative finials and one pair of simple finials or end caps.

Why Wrought Iron Makes The Best Farmhouse Curtain Rods

Because the farmhouse style uses raw materials such as wood and metal, it’s best to use these materials for your curtain rods. Wrought iron curtain rods promote a true and elegant farmhouse look with strong and timeless architectural statements. You’ll find a variety of color options in the Kirsch wrought iron collection to complement the other metals in your home’s decor.

Alternatives to Wrought Iron Curtain Rods

Although wrought iron is the best choice for farmhouse curtain rods, there are other options available that may work for you. The Kirsch Wood Trends and Designer Metals collections often can be used for alternatives and are more affordable.

Wood Curtain Rods

Wooden curtain rods are not your typical farmhouse curtain rod, but can be used to create a charming and traditional look. While our wrought iron collection does not include colors in white, you can find a variety of wood farmhouse curtain rod sizes and finial styles in not only white, but also marble. If you decide to go with wooden curtain rod hardware, you will want to make sure all hardware pieces (curtain rod pole, finials, brackets, rings, and other accessories) are purchased in the same size, color, and collection.

Metal Curtain Rods

farmhouse curtain rods

Our designer metal curtain and drapery hardware is more lightweight and affordable than our wrought iron collection. With unique and sophisticated styles, you can find options in black, grey, and bronze-like colors. In addition to the variety of color choices, our designer metal curtain rods offer ceiling mount options and double curtain rod applications. Try the Kirsch designer metals pandora finial for a similar look to our popular farmhouse wrought iron curtain rods. Make sure you purchase all components from the same collection, or you can try our designer metals drapery hardware set.

Need Help With Your Farmhouse Curtain Rods? Contact our Help Center!

One of our customer service representatives can answer any questions you have regarding your farmhouse curtain rods and other curtain rod/hardware needs. Discover how to measure for curtain rods, what colors may look best, and which hardware you will need at our Help Center or feel free to contact a team member directly.

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