Everything You Need to Know About Grommet Drapes

Grommet drapery panels are window treatments that have large eyelets embedded near the top edge of the fabric panel. The eyelets help maintain soft folds in the fabric and create an even, undulating window covering.

Unlike rod pocket or back tab curtains that conceal the rod, grommet panels allow the curtain rod to be seen. Grommet drapery panels are also known as eyelet or ringed panels.

Grommet Styles

Most grommet-style panels use metal eyelets but a few may use plastic or acrylic grommets. Metal grommets are readily available in a silver finish but can be found in other metallic tones such as brass, bronze, gold, and gunmetal. Although less common, plastic and acrylic grommets are available in a wide range of colors. Grommets can be matched to the color and style of the fabric or contrasted to provide a "pop" of color. Grommets are available in many diameters but the most commonly used is approximately 1 5/8”.

Fabric Options

Grommet drapery panels are made using drapery-weight fabrics to keep the folds well-defined. Panels made from thin, sheer materials like organza or lace are less likely to be available with grommets, but rod pocket panels on basic rods can be placed behind grommet panels to soften the look and provide privacy.

Curtain Rods

Since grommet panels allow curtain rods to be seen, you will likely want to choose rods you find attractive or that complement the look of the finished window treatment and decor. Metal, plastic, acrylic, and wood drapery hardware will work well with the grommets, and the many endcap and finial variations available ensure a perfect finished look.

The diameter of the drapery rod you choose also depends on the size of your curtain grommets. You don't want to choose a large-diameter rod for small-diameter grommets, but the reverse isn't true. You can use a small-diameter curtain rod for large-diameter grommets to create a unique look. Just be sure the rod diameter is at least ¼” smaller than the inside diameter of the eyelet for ease of movement.

Why Choose Grommet Drapes

One of the best features of grommet draperies is how easy it is to open and close the window treatment. Both plastic and metal grommets allow a panel to glide along the rod without having to pull or tug. This prevents excess damage to both the curtain rod and the panel. Grommets create folds in the fabric which add depth and texture to a room, making it one of the easiest ways to make an impact on your space. Another perk is grommet draperies are available in a wide range of price points making them a great cost-effective way to add impact to your space.

Where to Put Grommet Drapes In Your Home

Grommet panels work well in living rooms, bedrooms, dens, or just about any area of your home that has a window. They are great for picture windows and sliding glass doors due to the fact that they slide across the rod so easily when they are drawn. You are less likely to find grommet drapes in bathrooms and kitchens, although the reason why is unclear.

How to Measure Your Windows For Grommet Drapes

Measuring your windows for any type of curtain can be intimidating. What if you get to the store and the curtains aren't available in the size you need? What if you made an error in your measurement? Fortunately, grommet drapes tend to be more forgiving in the size department than other styles, so there are fewer measuring mishaps. For example, to ensure grommet draperies for living room windows look full when they are completely closed, the face width of the panels should be 2 to 2 1/2 times your window width. This means, if your window is 36 inches wide, you will need grommet drapes that measure 72 to 90 inches wide. Drapery that is too narrow will look awkward and skimpy when pulled closed.

Where to Buy Top-Quality Grommet Drapes

At Drapery Rods Direct, we know drapery panels like the back of our hand. After all, we've been a leader in the industry for more than 20 years. We've installed thousands of window treatments for our valued clients, who range from individual customers to interior decorators and national brands.

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