Shop Beautiful Extra Long Curtain Rods

Shop Beautiful Extra Long Curtain Rods

Whether you’ve bought a new home or are remodeling your current space, updating your drapery hardware is a fun and exciting process. The only problem? Windows come in all shapes and sizes, and finding matching hardware for all your windows can be difficult. Single curtain rods are typically easier to work with, but beautiful long curtain rods can make a huge statement. Our curtain rod experts walk you through the process of shopping online for long and extra-long curtain rods below. Discover tips on length, hardware, and styles to find the best fit for your budget. If you have any questions, give us a call at 800-251-5009.

Long Curtain Rods for Windows

Before you get too far into finding a specific style or color for your curtain rods, consider how long your curtain rods should be and if you need extra long curtain rods. Our team has worked with clients all over the country and have experience creating curtain rods from three feet to fifteen feet long, and even longer for super-wide windows. Rest assured, there’s no window too wide for beautiful drapery hardware.

How Long Should Curtain Rods Be?

If possible, you should buy a rod that is 8 to 12 inches longer than the width of your window. This allows 4 to 6 inches on each side of your window for your curtains to rest, showing the full width of your windows and allowing more natural light in during the day.

How To Make Extra Long Curtain Rods?

Most curtain rods are available in sizes of 4 to 12 feet long, while other curtain rods come in sizes up to 15 feet long. However, the best way to buy extra long curtain rods is to purchase two or more rods and join them together with a connector screw or internal rod splice. Add support brackets where the rods join. You may also decide to buy heavy-duty curtain rods which can come up to 30 feet long.

Standard Curtain Rod Lengths & Sizes

There is no true answer for the difference between long and extra-long curtain rods. Essentially, they are the same thing. However, we’ve done our best to categorize different types of curtain rods based on standard lengths and sizes. Each of the following categories includes rods and matching hardware you will need for your window project.

Long Curtain Rods

Both the Kirsch 1 ⅜” Wooden Curtain Rod and 2” Wooden Curtain Rod Collections include curtain rods in options of 4 feet, 6 feet, 7 feet 9 inches and 12 feet long. These rods offer a charming and elegant look in the home and are available in more than 7 finishes to match the other wooden furnishings in your space. Choose the unfinished color option if you wish to paint your curtain rods a specific color. The 1 ⅜” collection works well for standard ceilings of 8 feet while the 2” collection is better suited for taller ceilings.

Another option for long curtain rods is to step back in time and appreciate the intricate details of classic iron work with the Kirsch Wrought Iron Collection. These curtain rods give a bold, old-world feel to windows. These rods are available in lengths of 6 feet or 7 feet 9 inches. Choose between rustic finish options such as black, rust, iron oxide, antique pewter, and iron gold to complement the iron accents in your living spaces.

Extra Long Curtain Rods

If you are looking for a curtain rod longer than 12 feet, shop Kirsch Designer Metals. This collection includes a variety of telescopic rods you can adjust to the specific length you want. Coordinating standard and decorative brackets are adjustable as well to give you the return and clearance you desire. Glossy finish options of silver, nickel, black, golds, and browns offer a modern and sophisticated look.

Kirsch Designer Metals rods are also available in a fixed width of 7 feet 9 inches or telescopic options of 38” to 66” and 66” to 120” wide if you’re looking for a curtain rod of 10 feet or shorter.

Standard “extra long curtain rods” include the following:

  • 160 inch curtain rods
  • 180 inch curtain rods

Choose the telescopic rod option of 120"-180" curtain rod wide to achieve a curtain rod length of 10 feet to 15 feet wide. Up to 6 brackets are recommended for this length.

For curtain rods of 180 inches or curtain rods 200 inches long, simply buy two or more rods of your choice (wood, wrought iron, designer metals) and join them with a wood pole connector screw or internal rod splice. Another option is to shop for heavy-duty curtain rods, designed specifically for extra-long windows and capable of holding even the heaviest custom drapes. For custom-length rods not listed on our site, call our help center to see what our availability looks like: 800-251-5009.

How to Support Extra Long Curtain Rods

With the added length of your curtain rods, you will need extra support brackets to safely and securely complete your installation. You may also want to consider extra long heavy-duty curtain rods. Kirsch decorative Estate Rods are beautiful and functional in residential settings while Architrac and K-Rail rods work best in hotels and business spaces.

Extra Long Curtain Rod Brackets

We’ve taken an excerpt from our ultimate guide to curtain rod brackets to address the number of support brackets you need for extra long curtain rods:

“The number of brackets you need varies based on the weight of the draperies and the width of the rod. Traverse Drapery Rods need a support every 36-48 inches or so. Wrought Iron and 2” diameter Wood Rods need a support every 96 inches at the most, and 1 3/8” Drapery Rods in both metal and wood need a support every 60 inches.

How does a ring move past a bracket, if that’s necessary? Well, in most cases, it cannot. However, in the Designer Metals and Wrought Iron collections, there are bypass center brackets and C-rings that work in tandem to get your draperies where you want them. (Keep in mind that grommet drapes or tab draperies cannot move past brackets at all.)”

Extra Long Heavy Duty Curtain Rods

When shopping for extra long heavy-duty curtain rods, you have two options: 1) decorative rods or 2) basic commercial-style rods. Both options are designed for heavier fabrics and functionality.

Kirsch Estate Traverse Rods are decorative with a truly amazing curtain track that allows your curtains to glide effortlessly as you open and close them. These rods are available in 1 ⅜” or 2” diameters in wood or metal. Rod lengths vary from 36” to 192” long (3 feet to 16 feet wide). Choose between a variety of finishes and finials to create a beautiful setup for your home or business. Check out our Guide to Decorative Traverse Rods to learn more.

Kirsch Architrac Rods, on the other hand, are non-decorative. Although, the newest Architrac rod, the Kirsch K-Rail rod, is slightly more appealing to the eye. These rods are available in lengths of 24” to 192” wide. Other architrac options are the cord draw rod and baton draw rod which are both available in lengths of 24” to 360” wide (up to 30 feet long!). All architrac rods can support up to 80lbs of drapery panels and can be split draw, left draw, or right draw.

Unique Applications for Long Curtain Rods

For unique window projects, such as double curtain rods or bay window curtain rods, you will need special hardware. However, all necessary hardware can be purchased on our website in the following decorative drapery hardware collections: Wood Trends, Designer Metals, and Wrought Iron.

Extra Long Double Curtain Rods

If you are searching for extra-long double curtain rods (180 inches for example) choose double brackets. The primary difference between single and extra long double curtain rods is the types of brackets that are used. Choose double brackets in your preferred drapery collection, a second rod, as many rings as your draperies need, and two pairs of end caps or end caps for the back rod and finials for the front rod. Extra long curtain rod brackets may be needed depending on the length of your rod and the weight of your draperies.

Extra Long Bay Window Curtain Rods

Corner windows also pose a unique installation process. However, with swivel sockets or “curtain rod elbows” you can create a beautiful extra long bay window curtain rod. Available in wood, designer metals, and wrought iron, these swivel sockets adjust from flat to ninety degrees, providing the exact angle your windows need. Just attach the swivel socket to the rod ends and place a bracket at each end of the rod. Depending on the length of your rods, additional center supports may be needed.

Extra Wide Curtain Rods

Our selection of extra wide curtain rods comes in a variety of materials and styles so you can find the perfect fit for your home. Choose from wood, metal, or wrought iron rods in a variety of colors and finishes to complement your existing décor. If you have a large window or sliding glass door, an extra-wide curtain rod is a perfect way to add style and function.

At Drapery Rods Direct, we carry extra wide curtain rods in various sizes to fit your needs. We also have a number of accessories, including brackets, finials, and endcaps, to help you create the perfect look.

If you're not sure which extra long curtain rod is right for you, our team can help. We can offer advice on which color drapery hardware may work best in your room, what type of hardware you need for your specific application, how to create extra-wide curtain rods, and more.

Shop for Extra Long Curtain Rods

When shopping for extra long curtain rods, it’s important to consider the length of the rod and the type of hardware you need. Curtain rods come in a variety of lengths, so be sure to measure the distance from one side of the window to the other, including any frame or molding, and add enough additional length to allow for the appropriate amount of overhang.

You’ll also need to decide on the type of hardware you need. Curtain rods come with either fixed or adjustable brackets, so be sure to choose the type that will work with your window. If your window is extra wide or has a unique shape, you may need extra long curtain rod brackets to get the perfect fit.

Kirsch: The Best Long Curtain Rods for Your Budget

As detailed above, there are many items to consider when shopping for long curtain rods. The best curtain rods for long windows will ultimately depend on your preferences and budget. However, founded in 1907 with more than 115 years of curtain rod manufacturing, there is no better choice than Kirsch for your curtain rod projects.

While longer rods can get expensive quickly, if you are looking for cheap extra long curtain rods, we recommend starting with wooden drapery hardware. Kirsch products never sacrifice quality for the price, but these rods will be the most affordable for wider windows. In addition to these extra long wood curtain rods, you can also shop the new DRD Elemental Collection which features telescopic rods of 36” to 66” or 52” to 144” wide (up to 12 feet long). These rods include finials or end caps, brackets, and other necessary accessories in your choice of satin silver or antique brass.

Questions about Extra Long Curtain Rods?

Still have questions about how to buy extra long curtain rods? Contact our help center during standard business hours Monday - Friday eastern time at 800-251-5009. If it’s easier, you can also email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Our team looks forward to helping you choose the best curtain rods for your windows, and we will gladly walk you through all your ordering and installation questions and concerns.

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