The History of Kirsch Drapery Hardware

Drapery rods don’t just support draperies—they make a statement of their own, whether wrought in iron or carved from wood. Decorative drapery rods add unique character to a room, bringing the visions of decorators and home interior enthusiasts to life. There is something about updating window treatments that can elevate a room unlike any other renovation. At Drapery Rods Direct, we’re invested in supplying the most unique, high-quality and aesthetically pleasing drapery rods and accessories on the market, and that’s why we are an exclusive retailer of Kirsch Drapery Hardware. Kirsch is a name revered in the home interiors industry as the best in decorative curtain rods, a talent they’ve spent over 100 years perfecting.

Who is Kirsch?

Kirsch is a leader in the drapery hardware industry, providing a fashion-forward line of both basic and decorative hardware.

The brand sells a full line of products that includes custom window coverings and draperies, matching brackets, rings, finials, poles and other accessories for the perfect window dressing. Kirsch prides itself on quality you won’t find anywhere else, crafting their drapery hardware with materials that stand the test of time.

When was Kirsch Founded?

Kirsch Drapery Hardware was founded in Sturgis, Michigan in 1907, when Charles W. Kirsch invented the first flat curtain rod and the first telescoping rod.

A leader in home fashion, Kirsch would go on to create some of the most forward-thinking designs and developments in the industry, changing the way Americans decorate their windows and creating a modern legacy that endures today.

In 1912, Kirsch wrote his first “Style Book,” which gave decorative and practical guidance to those who purchased drapery hardware. He hoped the book would help connect him with his customers, an attention to customer service that remains at the forefront of the Kirsch business model to this day.

In 1923, the first Kirsch patented lace curtain rod was created, and his career exploded.

Kirsch: Then and Now

Due to the popularity of the Kirsch lace curtain rod, the company flourished, exponentially increasing production and the variety of products sold. In 1925, Kirsch found a way to corner the market when they introduced cut-to-measure drapery hardware, which provided more flexibility and options to customers than the pre-manufactured rods that were otherwise available to the masses. This development is known as one of the most important in drapery hardware history.

Another leap forward came in 1928 with the creation of the first adjustable traverse rod. The invention allowed for curtains to be drawn with a gentle glide, without sacrificing the elegant drapery look. This solution for the modern consumer meant that draw draperies could be afforded by the average American.

After that, Kirsch continued to influence the drapery hardware industry. A fantastic promotional opportunity came in 1939—Kirsch rods were exclusively used as the window treatments in the movie “Gone With the Wind,” an instant classic based on the epic of the same title, penned by Atlanta-born novelist Margaret Mitchell.

Following the disruption of World War II, the 50s and 60s were a boon for the Kirsch company, as they produced innovation after innovation in record time.

  • 1952: Kirsch introduction the cut-to-measure traverse (draw-cord) rod
  • 1953: The “Kirsch Kustomatic” was created, which was a faster and more economical way of attaching curtain hooks to drapery
  • 1960: Kirsch decorative traverse rods were introduced on the Today Show
  • 1962: “Electrac by Kirsch” was introduced, the world’s first motorized electromagnetic traverse rod
  • 1969: Kirsch begins trading its shares on the New York Stock Exchange

Through the 80s and 90s, Kirsch continued to perfect its line of products, focusing on design and details such as hand-painted finials and interchangeable hardware. In 2006, the company launched wrought iron rods and accessories and updated its metal accessories offerings.

Today, Kirsch is still a pioneer in drapery hardware, continuing the legacy of innovative design that began with Charles W. Kirsch over a century ago.

What Products does Kirsch Sell?

Current offerings from Kirsch include decorative drapery hardware, decorative traverse rods, and drapery hardware sets, as well as basic and motorized rods. With a wide selection of materials and detailed designs to choose from, Kirsch sets the bar high for excellence in drapery hardware.

Decorative Drapery Hardware

Kirsch Drapery Hardware includes collections of decorative wood and metal drapery rods and accessories. The versatile options mean there is something for every style and taste, while meticulous details make every piece special. Many laud Kirsch’s Wood Trends collection as having the widest variety of options of decorative drapery hardware.

Decorative Traverse Rods

Traverse rods are different from decorative drapery hardware in that they are more functional and easier to draw. Because of the pulley mechanism in the rod, the curtain or drape is able to move smoothly on the rod and avoid the wear and tear that might occur when manually drawing curtains. Kirsch traverse rods include the mounting hardware needed to transform a basic window into a focal point.

Drapery Hardware Sets

Drapery Rods Direct makes it easy to update window treatments with its drapery hardware sets. Sets make ordering Kirsch Drapery Hardware easy and convenient, allowing the customer to choose a package that includes finials, a pole, brackets and rings all in one coordinating color. That way, there is no guesswork about which products and the quantities needed. Drapery hardware sets make buying Kirsch drapery hardware easy.


While Kirsch is known for its innovative designs and beautiful finishes, sometimes a basic rod or accessory is all that’s needed. Kirsch offers simple curtain rods, basic accessories and other parts and pieces to replace or repair lost or broken items.


For those who like a smooth, automated system, Kirsch offers both decorative and non-decorative motorized traverse rods. These rods look just like typical curtain rods, but are able to be moved through the use of a remote control, allowing for the opening and closing of curtains with the push of a button.The convenience and elegance of Kirsch motorized curtains rods can’t be beat.

Why Choose Kirsch for Your Window Treatments?

With over 100 years of industry experience, Kirsch is the number one choice for decorative drapery hardware and window treatments in the U.S. A rich history of innovation and attention to design and aesthetic keeps Kirsch at the forefront of the industry. With a full line of custom drapery hardware, from poles to finials to rings and brackets, Kirsch provides everything you need for a quality drapery look to match any interior design concept.

Where to Buy Kirsch Drapery Hardware?

Drapery Rods Direct is an exclusive retailer of Kirsch Drapery Hardware. Whether you’re looking for a custom build or want to keep it simple with a set of matching components, Drapery Rods Direct sells everything you need to update your window treatments. With low prices and excellent customer service, we’re a popular supplier of functional and easy-to-install curtain rods. View our selection of Kirsch Drapery Hardware today, or give us a call at 800-251-5009. We’re available to assist you with all of your ordering and installation questions and concerns.

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