The Complete Guide to Single Curtain Rods

We understand the variety and selection of curtain rod hardware can be overwhelming when you just need a basic curtain rod for a single window. Although simple, single curtain rods do not have to be boring. There are many decorative drapery hardware options for those buying single curtain rods.

The Best Way to Shop Single Window Curtain Rods

So, where do you start? The best way to shop for single window curtain rods, if possible, is with single curtain rod sets. In the set, you’ll receive a rod, brackets, rings, and your choice of finials or endcaps. These provide the decorative look you want, whether clean and simple (endcaps) or more sophisticated (finials). Additionally, when you buy a single curtain rod and hardware set, the size and color you select will apply to all components. That way, every piece you order will fit together perfectly and will have the same gorgeous finish.

What Size Curtain Rod for Single Windows?

How do you know what size curtain rod to buy for your single window? First, decide on the rod’s diameter. If your ceilings are a standard 8 feet tall, a 1 ⅜ inch diameter rod usually works well. Similarly, you will want a 2 inch diameter rod for taller ceilings or wider windows. Once you know what size diameter you want, then you can start browsing curtain rods by materials. Below are some of the most popular single curtain rods and their available lengths.

  • 1 ⅜” Wooden Curtain Rod - available in 4 feet, 6 feet, 7 feet 9 inches, or 12 feet long
  • 2” Wooden Curtain Rod - available in 4 feet, 6 feet, 7 feet 9 inches, or 12 feet long
  • 1” Wrought Iron Curtain Rod - available in 6 feet or 7 feet 9 inches long
  • 1 ⅜” Metal Curtain Rod - available in 7 feet 9 inches long or can be bought and adjusted to your choice of 33” - 66”, 66” - 120”, or 120” - 180” long

How To Install a Single Curtain Rod

Before installing anything, make sure you have already received your new curtains and the necessary hardware. For those not shopping single curtain rod sets, this means for each window you’ll need:

  • 1 Curtain Rod (size and length of your choice)
  • 1 Pair of Finials or Endcaps
  • 2 Single Curtain Rod Brackets (additional support brackets if needed)
  • Rings with Clips (to hold your curtains/draperies)

Make sure to buy each of these hardware pieces from the same collection to ensure they all fit together. Once you have all the needed pieces, set aside a couple of hours to complete the single curtain rod installation process. Tools you will need may vary, but likely include a level, punch awl, screwdriver, and possibly a drill.

How to Install Single Curtain Rod Brackets

To decide how high to mount your brackets, you’ll need to measure your curtains. Do you want your curtains to touch the floor, to hang above the floor, or bunch together on the floor? Next, decide how far away from the window’s sides to mount your brackets. Go farther than you would think. This gives your windows a more lush and beautiful look. Follow the instructions in your packaging to finish installing your brackets, making sure they are perfectly level. Mark the spot in pencil before you drill: You don’t want to drill multiple holes!

Once your brackets are installed and secured, place the rings on your curtain rod, use the clips on the rings to connect your curtains, attach your finials or endcaps to the ends of the rods, and carefully place everything on the brackets.

If you are still wondering exactly how to install single curtain rod brackets, check out our blog that describes curtain rod brackets in detail.

Single Curtain Rod Colors

Single curtain rods come in a variety of different colors. Whether you prefer a light and airy feel in your home, or a more dark and romantic tone, you’ll find 20+ unique finishes online to choose from. Below are some of the more popular colors for single curtain rod applications:

Black Single Curtain Rod

For a bold, classic, and timeless look, black curtain rods are always in style. This color and other shades of it match all home decor. Whether you want a charming, modern, or bold farmhouse look, black single curtain rods are some of the most popular online and in stores. Look at the other materials in your room when deciding whether you want a wooden, metal, or wrought iron curtain rod. If you use black wooden dressers and nightstands, stick with wood. If you use wrought iron accents, try wrought iron. Choose decorative finials to match your personality.

White Single Curtain Rod

Popular in minimalist settings, cottages, and even the new farmhouse trends, a white single curtain rod is sure to complement your space without attracting too much attention. For a charming and elegant look, shop white wood curtain rods. Beautiful shades of White and Marble can be found in the Kirsch Wood Trends Collections.

Shiny Metal Curtain Rods

If shiny is your style, you can find beautiful shades of bronze, nickel, silver, and more in the Kirsch Designer Metals Collection. While you won’t find a bronze single curtain rod or a brushed nickel single curtain rod, you will find similar colors like Brushed Bronze, Gilded Bronze, Satin Nickel and Polished Nickel. Each of the finishes in this collection provide a smooth and glossy look to match the other metallic accessories in your home. The Kirsch Designer Metals Collection features basic hardware needed to complete single curtain rod applications, as well as hardware for other more unique applications as well.

Single Curtain Rods for Unique Applications

If you have unique-shaped windows, a standard single curtain rod from the hardware store won’t work. That’s why drapery hardware leaders like Kirsch have designed appropriate accessories for these types of applications. Below you’ll find information on the hardware needed to complete a single curtain rod for long windows, bay windows, corner windows, and even commercial windows.

Long Single Curtain Rod

If you can’t find a non-telescoping single curtain rod long enough for your windows, you can try a telescoping, or adjustable single curtain rod instead. These types of rods are available in the Kirsch Designer Metals Collection and come in a variety of sizes. The longest one can be adjusted to your choice between 120 to 180 inches (10 feet to 15 feet). If you need an extra-long single curtain rod, you can join two or more curtain rods together using an internal rod splice for metal and wrought iron rods or a wood pole connector screw for wooden rods. Additional supporting brackets should be placed where the rods are joined.

Single Bay Window & Corner Curtain Rod

Creating a decorative single bay window curtain rod is often easier than finding one already put together. Using the various hardware pieces provided on our site, you will find everything you need so you can essentially create your own Kirsch single bay window white curtain rod set, or any other color you desire!

The trick to single corner curtain rods is using what we call a swivel socket. This piece connects two curtain rods together, creating a corner. It rotates from flat to 90 degrees, providing the specific angle needed for your windows. So whether you have a standard bay window, an extra large bay window, or a different type of window, you’ll find everything you need to create a corner window single curtain rod. Here are some of our swivel sockets:

Heavy Duty Single Curtain Rod

For commercial settings, such as hotels, or just for those who open and close their draperies frequently, heavy duty single curtain rods should be considered. While Kirsch Architrac rods are one option, you can also choose decorative single traverse curtain rods. These rods are beautiful and functional, allowing your draperies to glide effortlessly across the track. This makes opening and closing draperies a breeze. Kirsch Estate decorative traverse rods are available in Designer Metals and Wood Trends finishes along with matching finials and endcaps.

Have Single Curtain Rod Questions?

Still having trouble understanding what parts and pieces you need? Want a professional’s opinion on what color/finish would best match? Contact our Help Center at 800-251-5009 or Our friendly support staff is here to help in any way we can. We can walk you through the process of shopping for single curtain rods and answer any other questions you have. Additionally, we are experts in converting a single curtain rod to a double, if you decide to do so in the future, as well as motorized curtain rods, custom curtain rods, and more. We look forward to assisting you.

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