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Decorative Metal Curtain Rods

Decorative Metal Curtain Rods

We offer a wide variety of decorative curtain rods in the Decorative Metal Drapery Hardware Collection. The Kirsch Wrought Iron Curtain Rod Collection offers one-inch diameter poles with numerous finial and bracket styles in a beautiful rustic finish. The Kirsch Designer Metals Drapery Hardware Collection offers one and three-eights inch diameter poles with four brackets and twenty finial styles, all in contemporary, beautiful finishes. In addition to these collections, we also offer Orion Drapery Hardware and the DRD Elemental Collection.  The Elemental Collection offers one-inch diameter rods in three final styles and two finish options. Shop our Wrought Iron and Designer Metal curtain hardware sets to buy all hardware at once. Looking for Kirsch Decorative Traversing Rods? Please see the Kirsch Decorative Traverse Rod Collection.


Kirsch Wrought Iron

Kirsch Designer Metals

Orion Drapery Hardware

orion drapery hardware

DRD Elemental Collection

Feel free to call us at 800-251-5009 with any questions you have about Kirsch Decorative Metal Drapery Hardware, Orion Drapery Hardware, or the DRD Elemental Collection. Visit the Help Center to learn how to measure for your new Kirsch Decorative Poles and Brackets. We've worked with all types of curtain hardware for years and have found each collection installation-friendly and absolutely beautiful.

Availability: Most Kirsch Decorative Metal Drapery Hardware, Orion Drapery Hardware, and DRD Elemental Collection Hardware ships in 3-5 business days, if in stock.

Returns: Returns vary by collection. See our Return Policy for more information. 

Available Finishes: Varies by Collection.

Installation Instructions for Kirsch Decorative Metal Drapery Hardware 


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How do I join two wrought iron poles together?

Joining Wrought Iron Poles With the Splice


How do I install wrought iron finials?

Attaching a Kirsch wrought iron finial


How do I cut down a wrought iron pole?

Cutting Down Kirsch Wrought Iron Poles 


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Our Kirsch Decorative drapery rods include 3 collections; Kirsch Wrought Iron, Designer Metals, and Decorative Traverse Rods.  Each collection has its own unique design complete with finials, brackets, rods, and more.  We have decorative curtain rods that meet your needs.