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How do I install my product?

Installation Instructions for Kirsch Drapery and Curtain Hardware 

Interested in learning how to install curtain rods? Discover the proper steps for installing drapery hardware, noted by product name below.

Installing Drapery Hardware: Kirsch Decorative Drapery and Curtain Hardware

Kirsch Designer Metals Brackets
Kirsch Designer Metals Traverse Rods
Kirsch Estate Rods
Kirsch Wood Poles
Kirsch Wood Trends Brackets
Kirsch Wrought Iron
Kirsch Holdbacks

How To Install Curtain Rods: Kirsch Basic Drapery and Curtain Hardware 

Kirsch 94001 Architrac
Kirsch Cord Tension Device
Kirsch Superfine Traverse Rods
Kirsch Superfine Double Traverse Rods
Kirsch Continental Rod
Kirsch Continental Bay Window Rod
Kirsch Continental Curved Rod
Kirsch Continental Tension Rod
Kirsch Continental Spring Pressure Rod
Kirsch Continental Valance Rod
Kirsch Lockseam Valance Rod
Kirsch Lockseam Bay Window Rod
Kirsch Lockseam Double Bay Window Rod
Kirsch Lockseam Triple Rod

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