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Pinch Pleat Drapery

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The Pinch Pleat Drapery is a timeless, classic drapery style used in sophisticated room settings.  Our custom pinch pleat drapes are handcrafted with three-fold pleats, tacked 3 ½” from the top of the drapery for straight, full pleats. Our pinch pleat drapery panels are 2.5 to 1 fullness with 5 pleats per width. Available with Privacy Lining or Unlined.

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Selecting Your Pinch Pleat Drapery:

Collection: To make fabric selection easier, we have divided our fabrics into seven Collections: Solids, Patterns, Contemporaries, Florals, Linens, Velvets and Sheers.  Clicking on a particular Collection type will enable you to view the fabrics within that Collection.

Fabric:  Fabric selection is a matter of personal preference.  Below each Fabric is a "Sample Request" Button.  Samples are free (up to 10) and are strongly recommended.  

Product Measurements:  Measuring Pinch Pleat drapes or curtains is straightforward if you know your Drapery Rod Width and the Height of that rod from the floor.  If you have that information, your Drapery Width is the same width as your Drapery Rod Width (we allow for overlaps, returns, and fullness at the time of fabrication).  Drapery Length is determined based on rod type; basically, determine where the top of the panel will be in relation to the rod and measure to your desired length.  If you prefer floor-length pinch pleat drapery panels, measure to the floor (in multiple spots) and deduct 1/2" to 3/4" for floor clearance.  For non-floor-length panels, simply choose the spot you prefer for the bottom of your panel (such as 2-3" below the windowsill).  If you don't know your Drapery Rod width, please see our How to Measure Windows for Curtains page, or call us at 800-251-5009.  We're always happy to help.

Pair or Panel:  A Pair of pinch pleat drapes stacks on each side of the window, and when closed, "meets" in the middle.  Select a Pair over a Panel when your window/room configuration allows, as it provides a more aesthetically pleasing, balanced look.  A Panel stacks to either the Left or Right, and closes from one side only to cover a window.  Typically, a Panel is used when it is the only option, for example for windows that butt into a wall or for sliding-glass and french-door configurations. 

Return:  Drapery Returns refer to the fabric on the end of a drapery panel that turns the corner from the drapery rod and 'returns' to the wall.  The Return serves two functions: first it provides a clean, finished look; second, it eliminates the gap between the front of the drapery and the wall and reduces light leakage.  When choosing your Return, select Standard Return if you have a one-rod installation. If you are installing two rods (one in front of the other), select 6" Return for the front panel and Standard Return for the back panel.

Lining:  Drapery Lining is a second layer of fabric sewn to the back of the Fabric you select. A Privacy Lining reduces (but does not eliminate) the amount of light allowed through the Panel, and aids in insulation.  A Lining also presents a more uniform "look" from the outside, as the Lining fabric is displayed to the outside rather than the face Fabric.  Lining can also serve to protect the face Fabric from the damaging effects of the sun.

What is Fullness?:  Fullness is the ratio of fabric used in drapery to cover a space. For example, in this case, 2.5:1 Fullness for a Pinch Pleat Drapery installed on a 100" wide rod means we use 250" of fabric to make your pinch pleat drapery.

Compatible Drapery Hardware for Pinch Pleat Drapes:

Pinch Pleat Draperies are compatible with Decorative and non-decorative Hardware.  For non-traversing Decorative Hardware, your options are our Decorative Wood Drapery Hardware and Decorative Metal Drapery Hardware Collections.  With pinch pleat drapes for traverse rods, consider the Kirsch Estate Collection, which allows you to operate your panels with a cord or via motorization. Non-decorative options include Kirsch Architrac (heavy-duty) and Kirsch Superfine (standard-duty) rods.

Questions?  Speak with one of our experienced Customer Service Reps at 800-251-5009

Pinch Pleat Drapes For Traverse Rods

Traverse rods, known for their smooth operation, are the ideal rods for pinch pleat drapes. The Kirsch Estate Collection, specifically designed for this purpose, stands out with its luxurious appeal and practical features. Whether you prefer the traditional cord operation or the modern motorized mechanism, this collection ensures your drapes glide effortlessly. For spaces requiring a sturdier setup, the Kirsch Architrac offers a heavy-duty solution, while the Kirsch Superfine is perfect for regular applications.

When measuring Pinch Pleat Drapes for traverse rods, it's essential to ensure the drapery width aligns with the rod's width. For a floor-touching elegance, measure down to the floor from the rod's position, subtracting a slight 1/2" to 3/4" for a perfect clearance. If a shorter length is desired, simply decide the drapery's end point, perhaps a few inches below the windowsill.

The beauty of using a traverse rod system lies in its adaptability. Whether you opt for a symmetrical pair of drapes that meet gracefully in the center or a single panel that sweeps to one side, traverse rods are the perfect companion for pinch-pleated drapes. This flexibility is especially ideal for windows close to walls or specific door setups like sliding glass or french doors.

If you are interested in elevating your interiors with the classic charm of pinch pleat drapes on traverse rods, contact our experts at 800-251-5009 who are always available to guide and assist.

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Finish Color: Product images and color swatches are supplied to us directly by the manufacturer. While we do all we can to ensure that these images accurately represent the true color and finish, please understand that in some cases the images may differ slightly from the product you receive. This may be due to how the images differ in appearance from computer to computer, or it may be due to the fact that some products (particularly wood products) will vary due to their natural tendencies. Please call us at 800-251-5009 if you have questions regarding product descriptions or finishes.

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