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crystal curtain rod

Add Style With the Perfect Crystal Finials for Curtain Rods

If you’ve always envisioned your home with charming, antique crystal finials for curtain rods or want to try changing things up with them, a variety of crystal curtain rods can be discovered at Drapery Rods Direct. We offer a wide variety of shapes for crystal finials and plenty of choice in the iron rods that go with them. With all the choices, you can customize a crystal curtain rod to your taste.

Get creative with your home decorating by adding luxurious crystal accents. There’s no better way to jazz up your style than by adding a sparkly, precious stone to the mix. Set the mood in your home and then make it unique through the use of a crystal curtain rod set chosen by you.

Elegance of Crystal Finials For Curtain Rods

In the popular styles of today, we use crystals all over the place. They are in fashion, jewelry, and are even used to decorate our homes. There are crystal lamps, chandeliers, and doorknobs that have been used and evolved for decades. That’s why crystal curtain rods fit right into the mix. They can be used to convey a wide variety of themes in a room and the crystal finials still offer a gorgeous and sparkling touch wherever needed. The right finial and rod duo can add taste to any space with the alluring beauty that crystals have to offer.


timeless elegance Try piecing together your own choice of curtain rods with crystal ends to convey the mood and style you want for a room. If you’re going for the antique look inspired by the Victorian era, try a crystal chandelier that matches the vintage gold and crystal curtain rod you picked out from the Orion Drapery Hardware Collection. Add some rich colors and bold patterns and you’ll have a fancy room out of a Victorian mansion. Alternatively, you can go for the bohemian look with plants, neutral tones, patterns, and rugs. To complete the look, add a glass ball curtain rod in white with some striped, patterned curtains hanging down.

Creating Your Ideal Crystal Curtain Rod Set

When it comes down to picking out the different crystal finials and wrought-iron rods for your home, Drapery Rods Direct has all the choices for you to create your perfect set. We carry matching finials, rods, rings, brackets, and other accessories like expandable tiebacks, batons, and more. Everything you need to show expression through antique-style crystal finials can be found all in the same place. It takes the worry out of shopping because by buying them all from the same category, such as the 1” Orion curtain rods collection or or 1 ½” Orion drapery rods collection, you are ensured that everything is going to fit together perfectly. When choosing the same color for your rods, rings, and brackets, you know that they will all be the exact same tone and look as you envisioned for your curtain rods with glass finials.

Amazing Selection of Curtain Rods With Crystal Ends

There is plenty of choice allowed by the selections available at Drapery Rods Direct. Our crystal finials from the Orion collection come in eight different shapes to choose from. The shapes are round, pointed, square, or multi-faceted offering uniquely shaped finials to choose from. These crystal shapes can be paired with an Orion iron rod that is available in eight different metallic colors. All curtain rods in the Orion collection are metal. There are rods with a 1 inch and 1 ½ inch diameter available to purchase and each size has a corresponding crystal finial. From the Italian Orion window hardware collection, all the curtain rods are metallic, reflective, and smooth. You can purchase a silver curtain rod with a crystal finial along with other shades such as nickel, chrome, and gold.

personalize curtain rods With glass finials for curtain rods, you can add a classy flair to any suite. Just choose the crystals you like, a rod, some rings, and brackets and your setup is ready to be shown off. Crystal double curtain rods are also available in case you want double the crystals, curtains, and its hardware for an even more put-together look. Simply purchase double brackets, two curtain rods, two pairs of crystal finials, and as many rings as you need for your application. Feel free to mix and match with colors and crystal shapes. Don’t be afraid to shake things up if it gives a room the dazzle you’d envisioned for it. If you haven’t already, try adding shiny finials to your draperies; You will be impressed with the look they create.


Have Questions About Crystal Curtain Rods?

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