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curtain rod sets

Shop Beautiful Curtain Rod Sets

Shopping for curtain rods and hardware? It’s best to start with a general idea of the curtain rod style you desire. If you haven’t already, look around the room you are adding or replacing your curtain hardware. What materials do you see in your furniture and decor? Metal or wood, and what color? Often, coordinating colors and materials look best. Whether you’re going for a classic and traditional, modern and sophisticated, or a bold farmhouse look, curtain rod sets simplify the curtain rod buying process.

wood curtain rod sets

Why Shop Curtain Rod Sets?

When shopping for curtain rods online, you can easily get lost in the details. There are many pieces and sizes to select. Shopping curtain rod sets, you ensure:

  • You have all necessary hardware for your window’s application
  • All hardware pieces fit together
  • All hardware pieces are the same color

Best of all, you save time by selecting all necessary hardware at once, instead of browsing multiple pages searching for the products you need.

What are My Options with Curtain Rod Sets?

Choosing the most beautiful curtain rod hardware is easy at Drapery Rods Direct. Simply select the color you’d like. (The color you choose will apply to all items included).

Next, choose between a selection of intricately designed finials. If you’re looking for a more simple look, you can select end caps. Next you’ll choose your curtain rod pole size (and style if offered), followed by brackets. Some collections include standard brackets with adjustable returns, and others you can select specific returns. This is the amount of space between the wall and the center of the pole.

Finally, choose the amount of rings you would like. If you are shopping for multiple windows, you can choose a larger total quantity once all hardware pieces have been selected.

Single Curtain Rod Sets

Single curtain rods are a great place to start when updating your window’s hardware. With one individual rod, supporting brackets, finials, and rings, you’ll find everything you need to decoratively display your curtains. At Drapery Rods Direct, we offer decorative single curtain rod sets in Wood and Metal. Learn more about each collection below.

Wood Curtain Rod Sets

Wooden curtain rods offer a classic and traditional feel in the home or office. Designed to match other wood furnishings in your space, you’ll find rich colors like Mahogany, Dark Chocolate, Coffee, Estate Oak, Truffle, and Marble. Also available in white, unfinished and black curtain rods. With the unfinished color option, you can paint your curtain rod hardware yourself with any color you choose.

Unlike the other sets, the Wood Trends Sets offer a solution to those looking for a white curtain rod set. This is a common choice for a beachy, cottage or farmhouse look. Marble is a calm off-white color choice with grey hues that works well as an alternative to a standard white wood curtain rod set. You can also use Truffle, a tan/beige color to add contrast and draw attention to a white color scheme.

When shopping wood curtain rod sets, you’ll have the choice between 1 ⅜ inch or 2-inch sizes. You’ll find similar finial styles and colors in each collection. Discover which size is right for your windows.

1 ⅜” Wood Trends Curtain Rod Set

The most popular of the Wood Trends Collection, the 1 ⅜” Wood Trends Curtain Rod Set works well for standard eight-foot ceilings. When shopping this collection, you’ll find a variety of warm and welcoming color choices, fluted or smooth curtain rod poles, and charming finial choices.

2” Wood Trends Curtain Rod Set

For ceilings taller than eight feet, you may want to consider the 2” Wood Trends Curtain Rod Set. The larger hardware will fill the room a bit better and will be more durable as well. You’ll find similar color, pole, bracket, ring, and finial choices from the 1 ⅜” collection, just a size larger.

Metal Curtain Rod Sets

metal curtain rod sets

If your home’s furniture or even accent decor includes metal, you can use metal curtain rods to create a sophisticated and modern feel in your home. Look at your current tables, nightstands, dressers, cabinetry, light and lamp fixtures, or plumbing fixtures for inspiration on metal designs and colors that may work. The last thing you want is a mixture of golds, silvers, browns and blacks in a room.

At Drapery Rods Direct, our metal curtain rods are offered in two different curtain rod sets: the 1 ⅜ inch designer metals curtain rod set and the 1 inch wrought iron curtain rod set. Learn more about each set’s color choices, finial styles and other hardware below.

1 ⅜” Designer Metals Curtain Rod Set

The Designer Metals collection features a versatile selection of shiny silvers, golds, nickels, and bronze-like colors. Choose between Antique Silver, Brushed Bronze, Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Black, Gilded Bronze, Caramel, and Polished Nickel to create a finished look in your home.

In addition to the nine different color choices, you’ll find 17 unique finials perfect for creating the designer rod you imagined. So whether you’re looking for a square finial single curtain rod and hardware set or a more round or simple look, the Designer Metals curtain rod set has everything you need.

With this specific metal curtain rod set, you’ll find pole lengths varying from 38” - 66”, 66” - 120”, 120” - 180” with adjustable support brackets. This gives you an easy option for adding curtains to wide windows. While designer metals curtain rod sets give a modern look, wrought iron curtain rod sets are great for creating an old-world or farmhouse feel.

1” Wrought Iron Curtain Rod Set

Whether you’re shopping for vintage, rustic, or distressed curtain rods, the Wrought Iron collection can create the perfect bold statement you’re looking for. Choose between Black, Rust, Iron Oxide, Antique Pewter and Iron Gold finishes for your curtain rod set.

When selecting your finials, you can choose end caps for a simple look or create a more decorative look. Popular choices are the Pedestal Ball Finial, Petite Modern Ball Finial, and Petite Faucet Finial which are a great mix between simple and decorative. Other choices like the Beveled Brick Finial and Pine Cone Finial are beautiful choices as well.

Poles are offered in six feet or seven feet nine inches, and brackets are offered in 3 ½ inch, 5 ⅜ inch, and 7 ½ inch returns.

Ceiling Mount Curtain Rod Sets

Searching for ceiling mount curtain rod sets? All you have to do is select ceiling mount brackets on the sets page. All other hardware (pole, finials and rings) will connect and work as normal. Ceiling mount curtain rods are often used when there is not enough space above the window on the wall to add a wall bracket.

Ceiling mount curtain rod sets are currently available in the 1 ⅜ inch and 2 inch Wood Trends sets. However, if you are looking for other ceiling mount curtain rods, you can find a variety of options in the Kirsch Designer Metals collection. You will need to buy your pole, finials, and rings separately from the same collection.

Double Curtain Rod Sets

Searching for a black double curtain rod set or double curtain rod set in brushed nickel? While these options are not yet available in our “Sets”, you can still create the exact look you want with our website. Creating double curtain rods is actually quite simple.

Shop our Designer Metals or Wrought Iron Collection and choose the following hardware:

  • 2 curtain rods of your size choice (each collection offers poles in different sizes)
  • 2+ double curtain rod brackets (the longer your curtain rod or heavier your draperies, additional support brackets are needed)
  • 2 pairs of finials (for the best look, use end caps for the back curtain rod and decorative finials for the front curtain rod)
  • As many rings as you’d like (each package includes 7 rings with clips)

Questions About our Curtain Rod Sets?

If you have any questions about curtain rod sets, contact our Help Center at 1-800-251-5009 or Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm eastern time. Our curtain rod experts are happy to help and have many years of industry experience. We’re excited to help you create the perfect look for your home or business.