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Quick & Easy Home Remodeling Tips for the Holidays

Holiday season is fast approaching, and friends and family will be pulling in the driveway for the annual get-together before you know it. From potlucks to cocktail parties to big sit down family dinners, entertaining is the highlight of the year for many people.

With family visiting, you want to make sure your home looks its best. But who has time for a complete kitchen or bathroom remodel when there is so much else to worry about?

Try these quick and easy tips for leaving a lasting impression on your visitors.

First Impressions are the Best Impressions

To ensure your guests are wowed from the time they enter your home until they leave, pay the most attention to the first thing they see when they walk in the door: your entryway. Your entryway sets the stage for the rest of your home. It should be inviting and warm, as well as give your guests a sense of what to expect throughout the rest of your home.

If your foyer or entryway is in need of an upgrade this holiday season, try these tips to take things from drab to fab.

Use a New Color Palette

Unless you enjoy the maximalist style of decor, it’s best to stick to a certain color palette within each room of your home. For the most seamless and sophisticated look, try neutral colors with one to two accent colors throughout the house. Interior designers go by the 60-30-10 rule: 60% of the room should be a neutral color, 30% a secondary, coordinating color, and 10% an accent color or two.

If you want your guests to be really wowed, try to create a consistent look in each room they will see during their visit. Easy switches to make include rugs, throw pillows, lampshades and tabletop trinkets. These items don’t have to cost a lot of money but can go a long way to revamping a space and updating the color palette in your home, especially if your furniture and walls are more neutral in color.

But we all know that holiday decor doesn’t have to follow the same rules as everyday interior design. During the holidays, it’s ok to experiment with color and patterns to create unexpected but exciting combinations. Who knows, you may find inspiration for your home decor outside of the Christmas season!

Popular color palettes for the holidays:

  • The typical Christmas color palette tends to feel both boring and outdated. Update this classic with a little twist: combine an evergreen hue and a bright red with pastel shades of turquoise and lime green to create a color palette that color palette
  • Looking for a way to warm up the Thanksgiving table? Start with a deep neutral plum, a muted kelly green, and add two complementary shades of blood orange and tangerine for a citrus-inspired fall color palette.

    color palette
  • Sometimes, the most unexpected palettes can make the biggest impact. Use a pinky beige shade as the backdrop for a color palette that’s anything but basic: adding in a warm mid-tone brown, a dusty cranberry and a deep aubergine as the accent color creates a cozy vibe that’s sure to wow no matter what holiday you’re celebrating.
    colore palette

Update your Foyer with Decor or Furniture

Your foyer or entryway is the first space your guests will see. Removing any clutter such as the kids’ backpacks or shoes gives this space an instant refresh, while a flower arrangement or potted plant can create a nice and welcoming feel.

It’s also a great idea to have a place for guests to leave their coats and other belongings if desired. A coat rack or cubby system can be easy to set up and make your guests feel like they are welcome.

Just like swapping throw pillows on your couch can give your living room a fresh new look, adding new furniture or decorative items to your foyer can create a different atmosphere.

Furniture you may want for your home’s entry:

  • A side table or console is a classic staple in many entryways for lots of reasons: it’s a great place to stash your keys, check your makeup before dashing out the door or stow away items like umbrellas and shopping bags.

    If you already have this piece in your foyer, try adding a seasonal runner, changing out artwork on the wall above or adding an assortment of fake plants in different shaped vases. A repurposed bedroom dresser hand-painted a funky shade can also update a space for cheap!

  • A slim bench, upholstered or bare, can be a great asset for any entryway. Along with being extremely useful anytime you need to sit down to take off your shoes, a bench creates a cozy vibe, especially with a few pillows and a nice piece of artwork hanging above. And, with so many guests over, you may find you need that extra bit of seating!

  • Short on square footage? No problem! Add some chic wall hooks to instantly create extra storage for your guests. Purses, hats, scarves and coats will look like extra wall decor and you can skip the bulky coat rack. Plus, there are many options on the market for wall hooks that match your desired aesthetic, so don’t worry about splurging on the little details.

Tips for the Kitchen & Dining Room

drapery hardware

While it’s important to have a relaxing guest room and a nicely scented powder room when people are visiting for the holidays, it’s hard to deny that the bulk of your time with family and friends will probably center around the dining table. Because, naturally, you can’t have a holiday party without food. Freshen up your kitchen and dining room with these simple ideas.

Install a New Backsplash

A new backsplash is a great way to update the look and feel of your kitchen, especially as guests are in line for their meals. If you don’t have time to install an actual backsplash, you can use a ‘peel and stick’ backsplash—your guests will never know the difference!

Popular kitchen backsplash ideas:

  • Just as a brightly colored throw can become a bright spot in the family room, a vibrant-hued backsplash can become the focal point of an otherwise ordinary kitchen. Pick a pop of color that brings warmth and happiness to the kitchen and incorporate that color throughout with easy touches like hand towels or a wall clock. While most people are used to neutral-colored kitchens, your colorful backsplash will inspire creativity and get people in the holiday spirit.

  • It might seem risky, but taking a backsplash all the way up to the ceiling instead of just underneath your cabinets can create an impression that your kitchen was more expensive than it is. The added visual interest will draw eyes up, adding an illusion that your ceilings are taller than they are. This gives a kitchen a fresh and modern look that your guests will rave about.

  • Playing with patterns and textures in a kitchen is a great way to channel your inner interior designer. If you keep within a neutral color palette, it will be easy to mix large graphic patterned tiles with a smaller, textured backsplash to create a custom look that’s oh so you.

Add More Natural Lighting

Natural lighting makes a home feel more open and spacious, which can come in handy if you plan on hosting a large party and don’t want to feel claustrophobic. While you probably don’t have time to install new or larger windows, you can swap out heavy window treatments for lightweight or translucent curtains on your bay windows or french doors to help let the light in.

Other options for adding more light into your home:

  • Adding mirrors can not only make a space look larger, but more well-lit as well. Consider adding mirrors to rooms that can seem a bit dark during the day to help keep folks cheery during their stay.
  • It might not be to your taste, but adding more shiny surfaces to a room that reflect light can give the impression of a more well-lit room. From gold frames to crystal chandeliers to high-gloss paint, anything that shines or reflects will help you create the illusion of an abundance of light.

Tips for Throughout the House

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Chances are, your guests will not stay in just one area of the house. After eating, your party will divide into different groups and potentially hang out in separate spaces of your home. You may want to focus only on these places you expect your guests to gather, but you can also ensure your home has a new, yet cohesive look in each room with our favorite home remodeling trick.

Create a Focal Point

Whether your family plans to catch up in the great room, relax outdoors on the patio, or play in the game room, wow your guests by updating the look and feel in that particular area. You may not have time to update the whole house, but you can spend extra time in at least one area of the home.

Tips for focal point rooms:

  • If the weather is typically nice outside during the holidays where you live, you could consider doing some work to make your patio or outdoor living space an inviting place for guests to hang out and relax after dining on heavy holiday cuisine. Adding a small fire pit can create a beautiful focal point that is not only easy on the eyes but also a great way to keep warm if the temperature turns chilly.

  • Don’t have a television in your great room? No problem! Try picking out a few pieces of interesting artwork to be the center of attention in that room. Whether the art is from your favorite artist or just something you liked the look of, as long as it works to tie the room together, your guests won’t mind if they don’t have a TV to keep them entertained.

  • If you have an unconventional space that you think your guests might congregate in like an office or a playroom, don’t be afraid to get quirky with your decor. Showcase vintage toys on a shelf in the kid’s room or flaunt your collection of souvenirs from world travels on a bookcase in the study. Guests love to be nosy, so anything that draws the eye and enhances the experience of a room will keep them entertained and give you endless talking points. It’s a win-win!

Purchase New Drapery Hardware

One of the easiest ways to create a new, yet consistent look throughout the house is by updating your draperies and drapery hardware. When buying new draperies, we recommend considering a new color palette. You can use lightweight or neutral colored draperies to make your home feel more open or use accent colors to draw attention to your desired space.

When it comes to your drapery rods, you can choose between different materials such as wood, metal, or wrought iron, finials or end caps, and a variety of colors to achieve the certain look and feel you want.


Popular Drapery Hardware for your Home’s Style:

Wood Drapery Hardware 

Charming and Traditional

Rich colors in traditional styles make this style of drapery hardware a must for anyone looking to bring a classic look to their home.


wood drapery hardware


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Metal Drapery Hardware

Sophisticated and Unique

Unbeatable quality and top-notch finishes make metal a superior choice for someone looking to step outside the box on drapery hardware.

designer metals collection

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Wrought Iron Drapery Hardware 

Classic and Bold

Intricate design and old-world influences make wrought iron drapery hardware a must-have for farmhouse curtain rods or those with a strong vision for their home.

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Why Design Enthusiasts Love Drapery Hardware

drapery hardware

Any interior designer knows that it’s all about the details, so it’s no surprise that drapery hardware is a key element to updating a home for the holidays. Whether you’re switching out your curtains to create a cozier atmosphere or match a new color scheme, it’s worth considering also switching out your drapery hardware for a cohesive new look.

Easy to install, versatile and a small detail that packs a big punch, drapery hardware is the perfect way to punctuate flawless holiday home decor.

Easy to Install

At Drapery Rods Direct, we want your installation process to go as smooth as possible. That’s why when you buy from us, not only are installation instructions included with our quality product, but the customer service center is always available for troubleshooting if needed.

While the installation process will vary depending on what type of drapery hardware or curtain rods you choose, the process can be as simple as mounting the brackets and placing the curtain rod with rings and clips onto the brackets. Each of our products come with a detailed PDF installation guide should you have any trouble. We always recommend reading all instructions thoroughly before you begin.

Versatile Product

It’s easy to transform any room of the house with new drapery hardware. Finials are great accents to bring out your personal style, while end caps create a more subtle look if your decor is more modern. For adding a luxurious look to your home, consider adding crystal finials for curtain rods. Once you are happy with your drapery hardware, you can periodically update your draperies to match any color scheme. 

Truly Makes a Difference

Like a lot of the decor swaps we’ve mentioned so far, drapery hardware is a much easier and affordable way to update your living space compared to remodeling your home every year. Almost every room in your house has a window, and by updating your window treatment, you’ll basically be giving your whole home a makeover!

Make Sure Your Home is Ready for the Holidays

At Drapery Rods Direct, we want to help you get your home in the best shape possible before the holiday madness commences. If you aren’t sure what drapery hardware products would look best in your home, contact a customer service representative who can help you determine what products would work. Feel free to call us at (800) 251-5009 Monday through Friday, Eastern Time, or send us an email at